COVID-19: Karnataka man dies, could be India’s first coronavirus casualty

In a hospital in Kalaburagi, Karnataka, Mohammed Hussain Siddiq was treated.

  • He showed symptoms such as breathing, cold and cough.

COVID-19: Karnataka man dies, could be India’s first coronavirus casualty

A man 76, who was diagnosed as a new coronavirus (COVID-19), was treated as a suspicious man, has died. If the experiments are successful, it is the first fatality of the world because of the deadly virus.

Mohammed Hussain Siddiq was treated for symptoms such as breathlessness, cold, or cough in a hospital in Kalaburagi, Karnataka.

Officials of the Health Department immediately said the death had been caused by COVID-19.

The media was asked to support the government in raising awareness and in not generating fear, “a senior official at Karnataka health department said.” This spectrum was obtained onCovid-19 and sent to check.

He was sent to the Virus Analysis and Diagnostic Laboratory of the Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute. The laboratory was instructed to target the throat swabs.

Sharat! Sharat. Sharat. B, Kalaburagi’s Deputy Commissioner, said it still remains to be known whether the virus has caused death.

His family decided to bring him to Hyderabad for further treatment, treating Siddiq for about three days.

“He received symptomatic treatment, their family decided to move to Hyderabad,” he said.

Sharat said Siddiq died last night in the ambulance on his way back from Hyderabad. “His samples and blood were collected and sent to the Virology Institute in Bangalore. However, results were still not obtained. It has not been proven, but only speculated (death caused by Covid-19),” he added.

Four positive reports have so far been identified by the Bengaluru and Siddiq until Tuesday, according to information from the State Department of Health.

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