Covid-19 can’t stop you from anything – 5 ways to spend time during the pandemic

We all were shocked when the coronavirus pandemic reached almost every country in the world. It has induced a considerable degree of anxiety among the population. The psychological impact of quarantine included post-traumatic stress symptoms, confusion, fear, and anger. Suddenly people’s usual activities, routines, or livelihoods stopped. 

How can all these effects be avoided almost completely? By reminding us about the benefits of quarantine. We have plenty of time to engage in different sports activities. Moreover, we can follow a schedule and find new hobbies that bring us joy. 

Covid-19 can’t stop you from anything - 5 ways to spend time during the pandemic

Here are 5 ways to spend time during the pandemic:

  1. Start cooking at home

It’s plain as a pikestaff that not everyone is a chef, but everybody gets hungry. During the pandemic, we had to prepare our meals because most of the restaurants and fast-food places were closed. Anyway, cooking can be experienced as a vessel for creativity and self-expression because you can pair different flavors and textures. Moreover, it is the easiest method to use your imagination because it costs you hardly anything and you can screw up. So don’t feel intimidated even if you don’t have lots of experience making good food. Start following a recipe and if you’re brave enough, create something new and let your tastes inspire you. Remember that each recipe is open to interpretation. It is only a method to create one version of the dish. 

2. Start a workout routine

You’ve heard at least once the Latin phrase (a healthy mind in a healthy body). Maintaining a healthy mind means maintaining a healthy body. That leads to a much happier life. However, if you aren’t able to hit the gym, it doesn’t mean you can’t stay active. You can dive into one app available for working out at home. Therefore, all you need to do is to engage in an activity that is not aimless. Chop-chop and start your exercising program. Plan your workouts for the time of day when you’re most energetic. Before you start, get a load of these facts:

  • consider your fitness goals,
  • incorporate some of your enjoyable activities in your workout routine,
  • be kind to yourself, 
  • pull up your socks – don’t give up! 

Be persistent and you will see the improvement of your mental health and mood. Last but not least, you will feel much better and your energy will be boosted. 

3. Become an online tutor

If you want to mix business with pleasure, you can start tutoring online. You can easily teach what you do best. Maybe you like languages. Why don’t you start teaching your native language? Parents pay reasonable money for their children’s progress in a foreign language. All you need is a reliable internet connection, a reliable camera, and a microphone. And here you go – in this way, you can even start your own business with 0 financial investment, which will provide you a stable income. You can start practicing by using Preply. You can sign up and apply for different online tutoring jobs such as: business, accounting, programming or languages. Be specific in terms of availability and price. Moreover, try to make your class more engaging by developing your students’ analytical thinking and deductive reasoning. Last but foremost, enjoy the benefits of teaching online such as succeeding in your early career. 

4. Learn a foreign language

Instead of killing your time at home, you can start learning a foreign language. Not only does it bring you further career prospects abroad, being a great advantage for studying in general, but it also helps when traveling. Moreover, your mental abilities such as critical thinking, multitasking, and memory are developed by acquiring a second language. Maybe you think that it can be expensive. The good news is that it no longer has to come with a hefty price tag, or any price tag at all because there are a bunch of websites that are almost too good to be true. For example, Live Lingua is an e-learning website that hosts thousands of free e-books, audio recordings, and foreign language video materials available in many languages. It is only a click away. 

5. Start a new hobby

Perhaps you were discouraged before starting a hobby because you thought that it could be very expensive. The glad tidings – there are still heaps of cheap and even free entertaining, educational, and rewarding hobbies. Spend your downtime on something that you enjoy. For example, you can start gardening. Not only does it bring you a therapeutic and fulfilling feeling, but it is fun as well. All you need is a few cheap packets of seeds and you will be amazed at what you can grow. 

Another hobby can be writing. It is one of the cheapest ways to have fun. Get a pencil and a piece of paper and let your imagination explode. You can try to write a book. You can even create your blog or write your journal. Beyond everything, journaling clarifies your thoughts and feelings. Be an inspiration to others. Whatever leisure activity you choose has many benefits such as mindfulness, stress reliever, innovation. Just enjoy the fruits of your labor.  


It’s right up to us how we spend our spare time. Every day is a new experience. The key to a fulfilling life is to be diligent in our work schedule as well as that of downtime. Even if it can feel a little upsetting being stuck at home, especially without knowing how long this will be, there are many possibilities to make the best of this uncertain situation at home. Some are mentioned above. You just have to start using your time productively. 

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