Couples Therapy Season 3 Release Date


The American-based television network, Showtime has already uploaded the trailer of the extended Couples Therapy Season 3. Now, they have finally decided to release the third part of the therapy sessions conducted by Dr. Orna Gulnarik, the psychoanalyst who settles the ongoing mental disputes between the couples.

After recording a good response from the viewers mainly from a particular range of age, also applicable for every age, Miss Gulnarik became much more popular with her communication skills with the victims and emerging as a saver. Accordingly, the announcement of the renewal of the third part was made by Vinne Malhotra on Showtime networks on Wednesday.

All About Couples Therapy Season 3

Couples Therapy Season 3

The documentary form of series takes the real-world problems and brings them in front of the viewers so that people can link with similar conflicts they are also thriving through. The therapist brings down the differences, and the mental conflicts by guiding them to solve out through emotions, peace, and love.

The earlier parts of the series also did the same, and the American documentary became infamous for showcasing the struggles a couple goes through in their lifetime.

Accepted by every section of age, and genre of people, it also helps them in pulling out minor mental clots which would later result in a big shape. Correspondingly, the popular psychologist also stated that the sessions conducted by her, always emphasize or point out the human nature of dealing with the most difficult obstacles that also through empathy and love

As previously, we have witnessed the deep-rooted problems in the season 2, which it displayed the major three problems of unplanned pregnancy of a single woman was compelled to assure inspecting a father, whether he can be the man to be fit in, another deep intoxication or indulged to alcoholism discloses the consequences that a same-gender male couple may go through.

Cast and Crew

Produced by Edgeline Films and the members consisting of Kriegman, Steinberg, and Despres as executive produce, alongside Carly Hugo and Matt Parker dealt the responsibility as producers.

Release Date

The upcoming additional docuseries will be premiered in two distinctive sets- while the first one is scheduled to be released on 13th of May consisting of 9 episodes while the other set’s release is yet to be declared

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