Coronavirus Chennai Latest Cases list – Chennai COVID19 affected areas full list

Coronavirus has grasped the entire world in its clutches and India is also not an exception. Given that the spread of Coronavirus across the country is quite less as compared to the entire world, however, there is a rise in Coronavirus in the country, irrespective of the controlled measures introduced by the Indian government under the rule of Narendra Modi.

Coronavirus has affected some of the posh areas, cities across the country and Chennai one of the affected areas, Tamil Nadu’s capital city. In addition to this, there is a nationwide curfew which was initiated by the Prime Minister to control the spreading of Coronavirus. According to the recent reports, the number of people affected with Coronavirus is around 1,000 in Tamil Nadu alone.

Total Confirmed Cases in Chennai

The only place in Tamil Nadu where there isn’t a positive coronavirus case is Manali. And Sholinganallur also has two positive cases in Tamil Nadu which is also the lowest in the state. Thiruvattiyur has four confirmed cases, whereas Madhavaram and Alandur have 3 positive cases.

Take a look at the positive cases in Chennai, at the time of writing:

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Chennai is a red zone

In the whole of Tamil Nadu, the maximum number of Coronavirus cases can be located in Chennai, one of the important cities of India. Additionally, Chennai is also one of the earlier metro cities in India which is now deemed as the red zone by the current central government.

There is a highly likely chance that there won’t be any sort of relaxation even after the 20th of April 2020. Currently, there are 217 Coronavirus cases deemed positive in the city.

Coronavirus Chennai Latest Cases list – Chennai COVID19 affected areas full list

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