Cook With Comali 2 Winner: Who will be CWC Season 2 Grand Finale winner?

‘Cook with Comali’ has been a top-notch Tamil comedy show-based reality cooking competition where they have paired adjacent a comedian each week, which is the show’s essence—the first season aired on 16 November 2019 on Disney + Hotstar. It instantly became a hit, thanks to the outstanding concept of the show.

The contestants are called Comalis. and they are judged by none other than chef Damodharan and chef Venkatesh Bhatt. The show has been produced under Media Massons.

Season 2 Finale:

With the Cook with Comali season 2 about to terminate in less than a week. The week was pompous and showy with all the cooks making an appearance adjacent to their loved ones, having a gala time.

Though it is just the rehearsals going on for Cook with Comali 2, the fans’ and their curiosities have made them impatient with their quest for the grand finale’s champion.

With the joyful week and celebrations ending, the competition is sure to get cut-throat with each contestant striving their best to be crowned as the winner of the show.

Cook With Comali

Who will win?:

The five contestants who have proven their excellence in this culinary competition since the inception are- Kani and Baba Bhaskar, who is more than difficult to overtake, Shakila, who can be a decent, potential winner depending on the particular ingredients and tasks she gets.

This narrows it down to Kani and Ashwin, the competition between these two mastermind chefs would be worth watching if they reach there. The winner of the first season 1 was Vanitha.

The grand finale will decide the fate of the contestants, the episode which will change the destiny of the contestants of Cook with Comali 2, the grand finale will air on 14 April 2021, declaring the winner of this season.

Cook With Comali 2 Grand Finale:

It will be a sparkling 5-hour long episode with special guests adding the glam and glitz to it. The audience is going to love this fun wheel ride which is the grand finale. Well, it is up to the audience now, as it is a voting-based show, who will be the topmost voted contestant, and thus the winner.

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