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Comali featuring Jayam Ravi made a lot of buzzes all over the Internet due to its controversial trailer. The movie is hitting theatres today, August 15. It is releasing for the Independence day weekend. The trailer had gone viral for several reasons. One reason was Jayam Ravi’s multiple looks. He is a patient who has woken up from 16 years long Coma in the movie. The dramatic change that had happened in the world astonishes him.

Controversy has surfaced that the actor has been mocking Rajini’s political presence in the trailer of the movie. The controversial footage will be removed, according to filmmaker Isari Ganesh. The audio he spoke about has been released. Comali is written and directed by the newcomer Pradeep Ranganathan. Kajal Agarwal Plays the female heroine role along with Samyukta Hedge. Top Comedian is another noticeable attraction in the cast.

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The harmless and wrongly interpreted dig on Superstar Rajani Kanth’s entry in politics made a big explosion in social media sites. #BoycottComali was trending all over the internet. Jayam Ravi who is a self-confessed Rajani Fan himself has admitted the unintended fault and announced that the part has been removed from the final cut of the movie.

This issues made a huge media flood and many discussions have been going on right after the hosting of the trailer. Some part of the Social media has taken a stand with the movie. All this chit-chat helped in unintended unpaid publicity for the movie. Now, even the enraged Rajani Fans will watch the movie to make sure dear Rajani is not mocked in any way in the movie.

There had been another speculation that the movie is a copy of the Hollywood movie named Kickin’ It Old Skool (2007). The story is also about a dancer guy who accidentally hits his head and goes into a coma for 20 years and finds the world around him different when he wakes up. The movie will reveal the truth in the rumors today.

Review Of Comali

Comali is one of those films that are attempted every year and only a few of them actually turn out to be funny and lovable enough. And Comali manages to do that. Directed by Pradeep Ranganathan, the film is a joyful ride.

The film deals with a man who goes into a coma and comes back after 16 years. Being born in the 90s, the protagonist played by Jayam Ravi explores how much the world has changed in these 16 years. How he manages to cope with the situations is the plot of the movie.

This interesting storyline not only manages to pull off laughs but also has a screenplay that is grippy and crisp. The film runs on all kinds of comedy. Comedy of errors, slapstick comedy, tongue in cheek comedy and whatnot. It’s an overall comedy entertainer.

The plot and characters of the movie make it a perfect family entertainer. Being the only Tamil movie releasing this week, Comali is the only and perfect choice for you this weekend. Consider checking it out.

My Rating: 3.5/5

Here is the trailer of the movie which you can check out before going to watch the movie.

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