Cobra Kai Season 4: Release Date, Cast and Plot

The fourth season of Cobra Kai has already wrapped up the filming. Moreover, the streaming giant Netflix has already confirmed that the fourth season will hit the streaming network sometime in late 2021. If you’re looking forward to knowing everything about the forthcoming season, you’re in the right place!

Cobra Kai might have begun its humble journey as a YouTube Original show; it became one of the massive titles after Netflix acquired the series. The series follows the story decades after the events of the original The Karate Kid film. The rivalry between Daniel-san and Johnny is still intact as both have their dojos to compete with each other. They awaken their rivalry by competing with each other through their students.

Cobra Kai 4

Cobra Kai Season 4: Filming and Production Details

The renewal of the fourth season happened even before the third season hit Netflix after many power moves made by Netflix. Readers would be glad to know that they can watch the first three seasons of Cobra Kai on Netflix.

As far as the filming of Cobra Kai is concerned, the filming has reportedly concluded. By the looks of it, the filming concluded on the 30th of April 2021. As per sources, the first episode of the fourth season is called ‘Let’s Begin.’

Cobra Kai Season 4: Cast

Cobra Kai

It is too early to speculate the additional cast that will feature in the forthcoming season. The majority of the original cast will still be a part of the series. However, Thomas Ian Griffith will be making a guest appearance on the series as Terry Silver.

There is a highly likely chance that Hillary Swank will be finally returned in the series. Also, several changes are headed to cast that will stun the viewers of the fourth season.

Cobra Kai Season 4: Release Date

As per recent developments, Cobra Kai will premiere on Netflix in the latter half of 2021 or Q1 of 2022.