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CNN host Jim Acosta brands Trump an ‘exiled Twitter junkie’ as he rips into ex-president’s Georgia rally

CNN host Jim Acosta brands Trump an ‘exiled Twitter junkie’ as he rips into ex-president’s Georgia rally

There are moments where broadcasters get tired of reporting on former US president Donald Trump’s latest remarks, and turn to fiery takedowns, and when they happen, they’re incredible.

In his coverage of Trump’s recent rally in Georgia, CNN reporter Jim Acosta didn’t hold back, as he first said the Republican was “displaying all the hallmarks of an exiled Twitter junkie who is jonesing for a platform”.

“He set the tone by lying about telling the truth,” he added, before footage was played of Trump saying he doesn’t have a “big mouth” but rather a “mouth that tells the truth”.

“Trump’s random lie generator also landed on another favourite topic, Russia,” Acosta continued, as it cut to another clip where the ex-president once again described the investigation into his administration’s alleged relations with Russia as a “hoax”.

“We had to live with it for three years. What kind of sick perverted mind does that? It was the lawyer, and Hilary Clinton and the Democrats, they made it up, it was a hoax.

“And now they’re doing it again with the January 6,” Trump said.

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After describing the businessman’s latest claims about the legitimacy of November’s election as “painful”, Acosta went on to comment on Trump’s remarks about the Arizona state audit of their 2020 results, which confirmed that the Republican lost the contest.

“[Arizona], a state he definitely did not win even though a Republican sham audit couldn’t come up with enough evidence to validate Trump’s election fraud – his bogus lies about election fraud.

“But luckily, for Trump, yesterday was opposite day,” he said.

Acosta’s digs at the rally weren’t the only criticisms the CNN host had for Trump, as he also proposed an alternative term to describe the former Potus’ ‘big lie’ about election fraud during his programme – a ‘fraud’ which has been disproven and is unsubstantiated.

“I almost don’t want to call it ‘the big lie’ anymore, I want to call it the big cry, because he goes to these rallies, and he cries.

“He cries about the election, he cries about the border, he cries about [George W] Bush and [Liz] Cheney… I mean, why would you go to a rally and stand out there for hours and hours just to listen to this man who can’t get over losing cry and cry,” he asked his two interviewees.

Twitter users soon heaped praise on the broadcaster, with many expressing support for ‘The Big Cry’ as a phrase:

We’re in favour of it too.

CNN host Jim Acosta brands Trump an ‘exiled Twitter junkie’ as he rips into ex-president’s Georgia rally
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