Cisco, Google join hands to offer high-speed public wi-fi in India

Cisco and Google are coming together to provide free high-speed public Wi-Fi in the next 2 months in 200 locations of Bengaluru. Among these 200 locations, all high internet traffic areas like- bus stop, hospitals government offices, etc are included.

These two tech-giants are working together to provide high-Speed free Wi-Fi to 500 such locations in Bengaluru City in upcoming days currently it is available only in 25 locations.

According to Mr. Sameer Garde, the president of Cisco India their company is working to provide high-speed internet connectivity to the billions of users which will increase the efficiency and productivity. He also said that in the next 3 years the number of Wi-Fi Hotspots will be increased by 100 times. Hence it would be a great opportunity for their company and partners also.

google cisco

The MD and business head of Google Play and Next billion users’ initiative Mr.Saijth Sivanandan express that it is an advanced business model which is based on advertisement support revenue generation.

These free Wi-Fi zones would be extended to other cities and even small towns also. In the next step of this program, the ruler areas would be also connected with the free Wi-Fi which would be a great opportunity for those peoples who are living in villages.

All the top tech companies of the world are constantly spreading their business in India to provide better internet connectivity to the millions of internet users. Google and Cisco are also spreading their businesses through free Wi-Fi in the public spaces such kind of initiatives will provide business opportunities to the tech giants as well as it will help our country to reach new dimensions of success. If the high-speed public Wi-Fi zones would be available in India it would act as a catalyst for the economic progress of our country.

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