Cinemavilla 2021 Website – Tamil, Malayalam HD Movies Download – Is it safe?


Cinemaviilla website falls under the class of torrent websites which incorporate all Bollywood, Hollywood, and south Indian movies. Regional movies are also included in this site. Cinemavilla serves its users with its latest collection of films of nearly all languages; including English,

Hindi, Malayalam, and Tamil. Cinemavilla is popular among its users for its downloading features. All latest or recent Tamil and Malayalam movies can be downloaded from this site for free. This site mainly includes all types of Tamil and Kannada movies in HD format. Hollywood and Bollywood movies are also featured on the Cinemavilla website for free download. 

History of Cinemavilla 

Cinemavilla is the aggregate of two words: cinema + villa. This means the house of cinema or movies. All regional films and Bollywood movies are found on this website under one roof. Users have to visit the Cinemavilla site, and choose their desired movies from the category list, and download it for free. The website holds a category of all movies from the A to Z list, which is meant for selection by the users. All types of latest movies are arranged in alphabetical order in the above list. The above list of movies contains all the latest Hindi, Hollywood, and Tollywood movies. Cinemavilla started very early when this type of site was originating on the web. Cinemavilla is a torrent and pirated website which uploads all latest releases in illegal and pirated forms. 

How does it work? 

Cinemavilla is a torrent website, which illegally uploads all recent movies. A group of people operates the site from undisclosed locations in the country. All movies are listed in it which is featured on the website for free downloading. The users can visit the active link of the Cinemavilla website and download their desired movie from it. As it is a torrent website, so it is advised not to use such sites for the downloading process. 

How To Download Movies From Cinemavilla?

Cinemavilla has establishes its name in the top most popular content piracy website. The website leaks the copyrighted movies and series for download within a few hours of release. This website is known most for its Malayalam movies. It has all the latest Bollywood, Hollywood, and Tollywood movies 

To download movies from Cinemavilla follow the steps. 

  1. Search Cinemavilla on the internet. 
  2. Look for the movie you want to download. 
  3. Choose the quality you want to download it in. 
  4. Also, select the location where you want it to save. 

Recent leaks of Cinemavilla 

As Cinemavilla is all stacked with the latest releases of all types of movies, anyone can search the movie name and download it. Cinemavilla website also provides its users with download options such as HD quality download, low qualities download, etc. the users can choose their desired resolution to download their desired or favorite movies. 

Following is the list of recent leaks which Cinemavilla uploads in its site for the free downloading process: 

  • Panipat 
  • Class of 83
  • Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl
  • Narcos Web Series
  • Stranger Things
  • Dear Comrade 
  • Raat Akeli Hai
  • Jackpot 
  • Forensic 
  • Dark
  • The dawn 
  • Queen and slim 
  • Jumanji –the next level 
  • Frozen II 
  • Dark Waters 
  • Colour Out Of Space 
  • 100 Kadhal 
  • Parasite 
  • Zombies 
  • Ismart Shankar 
  • Zombies 2 

The list of all the latest or recent leaks of movies is updated every 2 hours. All latest releases are featured on the Cinemavilla website for free download. 

Popularity of Cinemavilla

Cinemavilla holds a rank of 1,40,266 all over the world as per the rankings given by which is a website that rates other websites based on various levels of criteria. The website has gained popularity and has acquired larger traffic on a global level. 

Cinemavilla 2021 Website - Tamil, Malayalam HD Movies Download - Is it safe?

Is it safe? 

Downloading movies from the Cinemavilla website is not safe at all. As Cinemavilla is a torrent, pirated website so, it is not regarded as legal by the government. Downloading or watching movies from Cinemavilla sites is declared as illegal according to the anti-piracy laws of the country. Pirating any entertainment content for business purposes is termed as criminal. Anyone caught downloading movies from this website, is held for the crime, and the government is authorized to punish that person as per law. 

Is Cinemavilla legal? 

No, Cinemavilla is not at all legal at all, as it is banned in the country. The website contains pirated kinds of stuff that are illegal in the country. Cinemavilla is regarded as an illegal website, which is against the law. Downloading movies from this website is designated as illegal by the country’s government. When anybody is caught downloading movies from this site, it can be held for the crime. The government is authorized to punish that individual of their actions. 

Alternatives to Cinemavilla 

As Cinemavilla is a pirated website, so downloading movies from this site is termed as illegal. Users should use other options for the downloading process. There are many legal alternatives for Cinemavilla as well. It is always better to choose legal alternatives as using illegal websites and downloading pirated content is a crime in India. 

Also, the producers and moviemakers do a lot of hard work to make the movie and when it leaks out it hinders the production value and the moviemakers have to go through a great amount of loss.  

The following are the alternatives to the Cinemavilla site which can be used instead of it: 

Genres or categories Cinemavilla leaks 

Cinemavilla is among the most popular pirated websites and it has many users. One of the reasons for the popularity of the website is that it is user friendly and gives the user the freedom to choose from a long list of options of genres and quality. Several latest movies are featured on this site. The site uploads all the latest releases of movies including English, Hindi, and Tollywood films. 

Following are the categories of movies which are uploaded in this site: 

  • A TO Z movies 
  • Tamil movies 
  • Hollywood movies 
  • Malayalam movies 
  • Bollywood movies 
  • Kannada movies 
  • Telugu movies 
  • Tamil dubbed movies 
  • Tamil old movies 
  • Tamil 2012 movies 
  • Marathi movies
  • Bhojpuri movies
  • Gujarati movies
  • 1080p movies
  • BluRay HD movies

Specialties of Cinemavilla site 

Cinemavilla site includes all types of latest movies that are uploaded on the website after some hours of the theatrical release of the film. The site is all stacked with all recent movies in it for the downloading process. The list of latest releases is updated every 2 hours to provide its users with a better guide for the downloading process. 

Following are the specialties of Cinemavilla which are unique to the Cinemavilla website: 

  • The site contains all the latest releases of movies that are enlisted in the site for downloading. 
  • All movies are arranged in alphabetical order to offer its users a convenient way to download. 
  • The site has movies in different resolutions, from which the user can choose their desired resolution format for free download of movies. 
  • Besides alphabetical order, the Cinemavilla has a search page also which enables its users for proper searching for desired movies. 
  • The movies leaked in this site are uploaded in HD quality which provides its users with a proper resolution movie format. 
  • All regional movies are also uploaded on this website which is all convenient for the users. 


We, as a respected firm of the country, does not support downloading movies form such pirated websites such as Cinemavilla. The website uploads all the latest movies illegally. The use of Cinemavilla sites for the downloading process is termed as illegal and unlawful. 

The above-written content is only written for spreading awareness among users about these websites. The content is purely for educational purposes. We respect the Indian constitution and the content written is just to spread awareness about piracy. And we urge our readers, not to Cinemavilla type websites for the downloading process. Instead of it, the users should go for legal platforms for downloading and streaming. 



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