Chucky Season 1 Episode 5: All The Latest Updates, Plot Synopsis & More


On this Tuesday’s episode, we finally got our first glimpse of two highly anticipated returns, as the series reintroduced Tiffany (played by Jennifer Tilly) and Nica (Fiona Dourif), the latter of whom is currently owned by Charles Lee Ray. The episode not only revealed how dangerous these two sweet crazies still are, but also paved the way for the series to recap a little of the lore from past films. (At the end of the most recent movie, Cult of ChuckyCharles drenched multiple Good Guy dolls, plus Nica, with bits of his soul.) And Jake & Co. have no idea what horrors await them soon.

While Tilly’s return is sure to please longtime fans, the actress herself was just as excited to step back into Tiffany Valentine’s devilish heels.

“It’s such a pleasure to be a part of this franchise and Tiffany is such an amazing character,” Tilly told TVLine. “Every time Nick Caruso mafia boss [Mancini] goes, ‘I have a new one’ Chucky movie they want me to make,’ I always hope there’s a part for me in it.”

Tilly joined the franchise in 1998 Bride of Chucky, where her character was killed in a bathtub (by you-know-who) and transferred to her own doll. In Seed of ChuckyTilly went on to play her actress herself, being stalked by the maniacal dolls and later possessed by the Tiffany doll. She continued to make minor cameos in the two most recent movies, which brings us up to speed on the show.

Chucky Season 1

“When [Don] was doing Chucky TV series, I really thought I’d stroll through it. I’d show up, smoke a cigarette, put it out and leave, and everyone would say, ‘Was that Tiffany?’” Tilly says. ‘Don said, ‘No, I’ve written a very large part for you!’ when i got [the script], I was so excited! Don loves Tiffany, and he gets very excited too. It’s very contagious.”

Not only did episode 5 flash back to the night Chucky and Tiffany first met, but we found out that Nica actually shares her body with the deranged serial killer. After seeing blood, Nica fights her way into the foreground to regain control. (Call it Chucky‘s version of Jekyll and Hyde.) Shortly after trying to free the killer’s hostage, Chucky takes the driver’s seat again and slits the poor fellow’s throat. (If you remember, Chucky used to accuse Nica of committing a string of murders that led to her being committed to a mental institution, where she fell victim to his soul-changing voodoo.)

“I love working with Fiona, she is so incredibly talented,” Tilly says. “She’s so great with improv. If I throw something at her, she throws it right back. I come on set in my high heels, smoking a cigarette, and [Dourif’s] threw himself around, crying and falling to the ground and screaming. I’m going, ‘Thank you, Fiona, for carrying the scene. I really appreciate it!’”

While Tilly is more than generous when it comes to praising her fellow costar, die-hard Chucky fans never underestimate Tiffany…or Tilly, for that matter.

“In the last few episodes you will see a lot of emotion from Miss Tilly. I’m going to give little Fiona a run for her money in the cry ward!’ she looks forward with a smile.

About what fans can expect from the rest of the season, the actress offers this teasing: “The s–t hits the fan. It’s going to be completely crazy. It’s not some mischief, it’s chaos and chaos. It’s spectacular!”


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