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Chippy causes chaos by selling fish and chips for 45p as punters queue for hours

Everyone knows that us Brits love our fish and chips.

It’s even better if it doesn’t cost you a lot.

The chippy that sold fish and chips for only 45p was the reason why there was so much chaos over the weekend.

Mother Hubbard’s Bolton Chip Shop offered the cut-price food in an homage to 1972, when the first shop opened.

The super-limited offer was launched on St. Helens Road in Daubhill, and hungry punters waited hours to grab it.

Fish and chips
The Chippy offered punters fish and chips for just 45p

Excited customers began queuing as early as 9am to get their hands on the grub – a whole hours before the shop was even meant to open.

Original plans were to offer the deal to the first 1,000 customers. However, word quickly spread about the change and the owners decided to extend the offer.

Chris Farnell, Mother Hubbard’s head frying chef, stated that the shop had served 700 portions by noon and would continue to serve the rest of the customers until closing.

Mother Hubbard’s chippy
The deal was a nod to the price of the dish when the business’ first shop opened back in 1972

Huge queues formed at Mother Hubbard’s chippy
Hungry punters queued for hours to get their hands on the deal

He explained: “We say it’s for the first 1,000 customers, but we can’t have people waiting for ages and missing out.

“It’s been hectic and we’ll lose quite a bit of money today, but it’s great to see so many people here.”

According to LadBible, husband and wife Awais and Natisah Ahmed were amongst those in the queue.

“We’ve been waiting about an hour and half, maybe longer,” they said.

“We were going get a portion to share, but we’ve been here so long I think we’ll get one each now, with the full works, we’re so hungry.

“We’ve been to the Mother Hubbard’s in Blackpool before – they’re really good.”

If you fancy making your own Fish and Chips rather than heading down to one, Chip shop insiders have shared their secrets to make the “perfect” chips.

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Chippy causes chaos by selling fish and chips for 45p as punters queue for hours
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