China Post Tracking

You can track a China Post package by tracking number. Add china post tracking numbers to your personal list and receive up-to-date information on the shipment of your packages.

China Post: China’s government postal service, responsible for delivering international postal shipments and internal correspondence to individuals and corporations. It also provides an urgent postal service and makes EMS shipments. EMS shipping rates in China Post are higher but allow fast delivery.

China Post Tracking

Two types of general prohibitions and restrictions, characteristic of all postal services, can be mentioned: weight/measure and content. All the necessary information can be found on the official China Post site. The types allowed as well as the possible restrictions for the shipment of goods also depend on the country of destination.

China Post Tracking Number Types

Postal shipments are grouped into two categories, and the main classification criterion is weight: up to 2 kg: small packages; more than 2 kg: shipments. Shipments from China up to 2kg may not be traceable, but China Post always records EMS shipments and express deliveries and assigns a tracking number to them.

The international postal identifier consists of an alpha numeric sequence:

  • RA123456785CN: Small packages from China weighing up to 2 kg always have R as the first letter, from the word Registered;
  • CD123456785CN: the tracking number for China Post shipments weighing up to 20 kg always begin with the letter C;
  • EE123456785CN – EMS express deliveries begin with the letter E.

The first letter R indicates that it is a registered small package; for shipments, the letter will be C; EMS mail begins with the letter E. The figures ensure that the number is unique. For their part, the last letters determine the country of the postal service from which the package was sent.

China Post Parcel Tracking

So that you don’t have to worry about shipping from China and know where it is at the moment, you can track a package on the Postal Ninja site with the translation of all tracking statuses.

With the status “package reception” the recipient can be sure that the package has already been sent. Afterward, China Post shipments in the process go to a distribution center, where they are separated and directed to the international postal exchange point. 

China Post shipments go through customs review and are delivered to the designated postal operator in the destination country. This is what the tracking status “export” refers to. After being imported, they go through a similar process already in the country of destination. The last tracking status notifies the delivery of the package.

The shipment locator is automatic and can track China Post Ordinary small packets plus tracking numbers.

China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus is an ordinary shipping method and cheaper than China Post Registered Air Mail, this shipping method is widely used by Aliexpress sellers just like Aliexpress Standard Shipping or AliExpress Saver Shipping in low-cost orders to reduce the costs of shipping.

Using China Post Registered Air Mail tracking, you can easily find the current location of the package and track its subsequent movement, right up to the time of delivery, with the exception of Small Packet Plus shipments.

However, sometimes when trying to check the status of their order transfer from AliExpress, the buyer does not see any status at all (Aliexpress tracking number is not tracked), or at one point stops updating. 

Therefore, in the framework of this material, we will discuss in detail the most frequently asked questions related to tracking China Post Registered Air Mail packages and talk a little about Ordinary Small Packet Plus tracking.

It seems that the goods have been paid, the tracking number has been received, the delivery method is China Post Air Mail, but for some reason, the number is not tracked. This often happens if you use regular air delivery, with no tracking possibility.

The most that can be found with this number is that the package was accepted at the local post office and flew to you (export from China), your subsequent destination Unfortunately, it remains a mystery to everyone, and there is nothing left to hope for.

This usually happens because after importation to the destination country, that is, directly on the way to you, in the mail processing department, the package is assigned an internal tracking number, which of course you do not know, until the moment of delivery, at your post office.

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