‘Child of Kamiari Month’ Arriving On NETFLIX!! – Release Details, Plot, Cast, Trailer And More!!

Exclusive to Netflix worldwide in February 2022 is the anime film Child of Kamiari month. We’ve got everything you need to know about Child of Kamiari month, including the plot, cast, trailer, and Netflix release date.

Child of Kamiari month is an upcoming Japanese Netflix Original fantasy anime directed by Takana Shirai. The creation of the anime would not have been possible without the crowdfunding at Cretica Universal, which took place three times.

The feature film is animated by Liden Films and written by Tetsurō Takita, Ryuta Miyake and Toshinari Shinoe. The creative director of the project is Kazuya Sakamoto.

When is Child of Kamiaric Month coming to Netflix?

Thanks to the release of the trailer, we can confirm that Child of Kamiri month debuts on Netflix on Tuesday, February 8, 2022.

Child of Kamiari Month' Anime Movie Arriving On Netflix In February 2022 -  Web Series Online Update - Web Series Casting & News


The anime feature film is available to stream on Netflix exclusively outside of Japan. Child of Kamiari month debuted in theaters in Japan on October 8, 2021.

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What is the plot of? Child of Kamairi month?

The synopsis is from Netflix:

A year after losing her mother, a little girl learns that she must travel through Japan to the annual gathering of the gods in the holy land of Izumo.

Who are the cast members of? Child of Kamairi month?

Netflix subscribers will be familiar with the talented voice of Maaya Sakamoto who provides the voice of Merlin in The Seven Deadly Sins. The talented actress has lent her voice to some extremely popular characters in anime.

Below is the full cast list of Child of Kamairi month:

Role Cast member Where have I seen/heard them before?
kanna Aju Makita Shoplifters | Real mothers | after the storm
Shiro Maya Sakamoto The Seven Deadly Sins | Firepower | Demon Killer
Yato Miyu Irino Spirited Away | The garden of words | A silent voice
Miki Riko Nagase Zekkyo | Shichinin no Hisho | Sakura no Oyakodon
Kotoshironushi chafurin Baki | Gintama | Shimajiro
ryujin Wataru Takagi Pokemon: the first movie | Record of Ragnarok | Godzilla: single point
Yayoi Hayama Ko Shibasaki battle royale | 47 Ronin | To go
Norimasa Hayama Show Iura air doll | Nippon Black | Map of Nijiiro
Nice Akira Kamiya Pom Poko | Fist of the North Star | conan

What is the duration of? Child of Kamairi month?

The running time is confirmed at 99m



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