Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 9: What To Expect With Plot Summary & More


Is Chicago PD new tonight on NBC? If you’re wondering that, or wondering about the future, we can help you on both fronts!

The first thing we do can doing here is getting some of the bad news out of the way: there’s no episode on the air tonight, and the same can be said for the others A Chicago also programs. The reality here is that we’re getting closer and closer to the fall finale, but it won’t air until December 8. The title of the episode is “A Way Out”, and based on that alone, it’s clear what to expect. We know the FBI is after Voight over Roy Walton’s death, to the point where they threaten Halstead and make life REALLY hard for him.

Chicago PD Season 9

So what will Jay do? Is he really going to sell out his boss? The two may have their differences, but there’s still a shared history here – according to the official Chicago PD season 9 episode 9 synopsis below, it looks like they could work together to some degree to solve all of this:

12/08/2021 (10pm – 11pm) (Wednesday): As the FBI approaches the Roy Walton investigation, Voight and Halstead figure out a way out. After a city bus driver is shot by a passenger, the team investigates a possible kidnapping. TV-14

Could this story be the end of the Roy Walton arc? We could argue that it is and that the show will navigate in other directions; even if that happens, we still tend to think they’ll focus on some of the aftermath for a while. Although there are many layers to Chicago PD overall, we don’t think the writers can really overlook everything Voight has done over the years.

What would you most like to see when it comes to Chicago PD season 9 episode 9?

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