Chesapeake Shores season 5 finale release date and Air time


The Chesapeake Shores season 5 finale is coming to Hallmark Channel tomorrow night, and it looks like some big decisions lie ahead!

So what are we talking about here for Abby O’Brien? First, she has to determine whether or not she’s willing to explore something more with Jay. It’s not the easiest thing in the world for her to figure out since there’s also clearly something there with Evan, and she’s trying to figure all of this out.

Here’s the problem: Jay realizes that the guidance counselor at school is interested in him, and he very well could be interested in her. He has to figure out if he wants to make something work there but, before he does, he needs to know if he and Abby have a chance. If she’s forever going to be just a friend and nothing more, it’s not worth the effort to keep trying. He doesn’t want to give her a request, but it may still feel like one for her.

Chesapeake Shores season 5 finale release date and Air time

Because Evan’s such a recent addition to this show, we can’t sit here and confidently say that we know what Abby will do in this situation. However, we should say that no matter what, this series will be so much better if she has a healthy choice made by the end of the hour. Otherwise, we’re going to be left in one of those situations where a love triangle story gets drawn out forever, and at this point, we don’t think that would be to the benefit of anyone. We’re better off knowing where things stand and, from there, getting a chance to wonder about the future.

Of course, this is us just hoping that there is another season coming — nothing is confirmed now.

What do you most want to see when it comes to the Chesapeake Shores season 5 finale?

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