Check Out This LG’s Immersive Exercise Bike With Amazing OLED Pannels


The status of CES 2022 may be in flux, thanks to the rapidly spreading Omicron variant of the Covid-19 coronavirus, but LG is still eager to get its more interesting concepts out in front of people in advance of the big trade show. (LG says it’s still committed to going to the conference, as other companies and media outlets pull out.)

LG Displays showcases some interesting use cases for flexible OLED screens  | Digit -

LG’s latest announcement involves a pair of concepts that should cause quite the stir at CES 2022, whether people attend in person or virtually. And both the newly unveiled exercise bike and recliner show off the possibilities of flexible OLED technology.

Virtual Ride is LG’s attempt at a fitness bike. The setup features three large vertically mounted LG OLED panels, and the curve on the top panel is especially aggressive, at 500R, or a radius of 500mm. According to LG, that’s the highest of any large OLED display.

Of course, being LG OLED panels, the company is touting lifelike colors and excellent contrast.

LG didn’t really explain why it had created the concept, but we can assume that it’s meant to increase immersion and make people feel as if they’re actually riding through a lush forest trail. It would be cool to see such a setup connected to a Peloton.

Also announced was the LG Media Display. It’s a plush recliner that’s angled perfectly at an LG television with a strong 1,500R curve. Not only that, but the screen can also pivot between horizontal and vertical orientations, depending on the use-case.

The display also has built-in Cinematic Sound OLED (CSO) technology, which vibrates the display to output sound. This means the television can have a clean look with no need for speakers sticking out the bottom. While the speakers inside an LG OLED C1 sound great, it can’t compare to a proper soundbar setup, which is to be expected.

OLED technology is still a major part of LG’s business model, even as the company has introduced mini-LED tech to its QNED line of televisions.

“We will continue to provide differentiated value to our customers through OLED’s infinite potential while also moving forward with integrating our business into diverse industries,” said Yeo Chun-ho, head of business development division at LG Display in a press release announcing the new concepts.

Mini-LED televisions, like the stunning Samsung QN90A Neo, are now rivalling LG’s top OLED panels with brilliant contrast and colors. But mini-LED technology does allow for dramatically higher levels of brightness over OLED, which makes HDR content pop. Unfortunately, the weight of mini-LED panels means that there’s less ability to make bendable displays. That’s where it seems that LG is really hoping to differentiate OLED from competing technologies.


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