Chance Karnes From Herrin Accident Footage Video Clip? Former Tiger Quarterback Cause of Death


In recent news, Chance Karnes, a skilled soccer participant, has died after meeting with a tragic accident. Reports have been claiming that the soccer player belonging to the United States was involved in a car accident that claimed his life. Authorities have begun their investigation into the shocking case and are trying to determine the cause of the accident that caused Karnes’ death. Ever since the saddening piece of news appeared on the internet, netizens have been talking about it. Here is what we know about the fatal accident.

Chance Karnes From Herrin death

According to reports, Chance Karnes died in the early hours of Sunday, May 15, 2022. The reason behind his sudden demise was an unfortunate road accident. Alexia Rolape, one of Karnes’ friends, took to Facebook to share the devastating piece of news. Sharing a picture with the late soccer player, Alexia wrote that she is at a loss for words. Adding further, she wrote that Chance was so loved and will be dearly missed by everyone close to him. Alexia added that they got to watch him on the field and she got to wear his number on her chest.

Alexia Rolape further asked everyone to pray for the Karnes family and for their peace at this devastating time and ended the post by writing, “you will forever hold a special place in her heart”. After the news confirmation by Chance Karnes’ friend, netizens flooded the post with tributary posts and condolence messages. As he died in an accident, the investigation into the case is ongoing. The officers are leaving no stone unturned to collect all the evidence from the accident scene and other details that could lead them to further information. The forensic team is also trying to determine Chance Karnes’ death cause.

Talking about Chance Karnes, he was an American expert soccer participant from Southern Illinois. As mentioned, he was a skilled soccer quarterback who was acknowledged for his energy and velocity along with his fun nature while playing for the Herrin soccer tiger membership. Furthermore, the American athlete was born in Illinois and spend most of his childhood there. The man attended the University of Oregon and completed his graduation from there only. Although not much is known about the late soccer player, it is said that he was in his twenties.


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