Cat Burglar: Release date, Cast, Plot, Trailer


Cat Burglar, a new animated Netflix series is all about a cat burgling a museum. It is directed by Mike Hollingsworth. This movie will be 12 min in duration and will be available in the English language. Trevor Devall, James Adomian, and Alan Lee will be playing as the star cast in this movie. Cat Burglar will be available in Comedy and Animation genres.
Viewers will be able to select answers to trivia questions during the show. Cat Burglar is clearly inspired by classic Tex Avery cartoons and comes from the creators of Black Mirror, who previously made the interactive film, Bandersnatch.

Cat Burglar: Cast and Plot!

James Adomian is on board to voice the character of Rowdy. Adomian is mostly known for his stand-up comedy and appearances on the likes of Comedy Bang! Bang!. Alan Lee is reportedly on board to voice Peanut in the new series. He’s primarily known for voice acting and dubbing. He provided dubs for Squid Game also.

Cat Burglar: Cast and Plot!

The trailer for the new Netflix show introduces Rowdy, the titular cat burglar, and Peanut, the security pup at the museum. Rowdy is nicking paintings from the same museum. When Rowdy and Peanut interact; either with Peanut swinging in to stop Rowdy from stealing or watching Rowdy attempt to get past a hallway filled with lasers; trivia will pop up on the bottom of the screen.
Viewers who want to play will need to answer rapid-fire questions, and a correct answer will see Rowdy proceed, at least for a moment. Viewers will need to select the correct answer multiple times in a row or Peanut will come along and punish Rowdy in a grisly, but hilariously over-the-top fashion.

Cat Burglar: Trailer and Release date!

Netflix has released the trailer of the Show. The trailer makes it seem like the series will exist somewhere between Tom & Jerry and its The Simpsons parody, Itchy & Scratchy.
Check it out here:

Cat Burglar will be released on Netflix on February 22, 2022, around the globe.


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