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Casualty Stevie star’s life – from open-heart surgery to marrying EastEnders actor

Elinor Lawless is no stranger to a medical emergency – something which might come in handy as she joins the cast of Casualty.

The actress, 39 years old, is expected to join the Holby City Hospital’s medical team. But all is not as it seems with her character.

Elinor, an Irish-born woman, hails from Draperstown in County Derry. She will be joining the emergency department as Stevie.

As she seeks revenge for a past secret, the medical professional is ready to create havoc.

Elinor joins in the celebration of the 35th anniversary broadcast of hospital-based drama.

Elinor Lawless as Stevie in Casualty
Elinor’s Casualty character Stevie has a dark secret

She says she is hoping to use the role as a way of paying tribute to the teams of doctors and nurses who helped her through her own childhood health problems.

At three years old, doctors discovered a hole in Elinor’s heart.

The dangerous condition makes blood flow in the wrong directions through the heart.

Elinor Lawless
Elinor had open-heart surgery as a child after developing a dangerous heart condition

She eventually had open-heart surgery at the age of seven which helped her fully recover from the diagnosis.

Elinor played the part of Ruby Allen’s Independent Sexual Violence Advisor in EastEnders. She was a star in the series back in 2019.

Peter Basham, Elinor’s husband, appeared as PC Anthony Rogers on EastEnders 2019.

Joe, the couple’s four-year-old boy, is their one child. The couple regularly post photos of their precious little boy on social media.

Peter Basham in EastEnders as PC Anthony Rogers
Peter in EastEnders as PC Anthony Rogers

Elinor has also previously secured roles in Shakespeare and Hathaway: Private Investigators and Doctors.

Peter was also a small part in the James Bond movie Skyfall which went to #1 at the box office and the Sherlock detective series.

Inception was also a hit movie that featured him and Peaky Blinders legend Cillian Murphy.

Peter played the part of Jet Captain to Cillian’s lead character Robert Fischer.

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Casualty Stevie star's life - from open-heart surgery to marrying EastEnders actor
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