Capitani Season 2 is coming to Netflix! Release Date


I am looking for the new season of Capitani that is Luxembourgish crime drama series that was picked by Netflix last year in 2021? This crime series follows a police officer who goes to Luxembourg and a fictional city to solve the case of a missing girl.

The detective or the officer Luc Capitania is hired by pay from the south and moves to the northern but suspicious village where the teenage girl was murdered, and her twin sister is missing.

There are many shows on Netflix whose stories are great, but these are the different and unique drama series that came in 2019 for its first season in its hometown and then taken over by the popular platform to release it worldwide.

Now it’s time for season 2, so when is it coming, or will it air on Netflix?

As we all know, there is less time between the release date as the drama has already been renewed for season 2 in Europe, and production also started in 2021.

The first season was produced in 2018 and then came to its home country the following year or in 2019. The series is watched by more than 1.5 million people on RTL, which is excellent for any series in a small country. However, when the series came out, we didn’t know what language it was in, as it was the first series to be chosen by Netflix.

Kai Finke said: “Great stories really can come from anywhere, and I’m excited that our members will soon be able to discover for the first time a popular crime show made in Luxembourg!”.

Capitani Season 2: Release Date

Netflix has been confirmed to be recording or premiering season 2 of the Luxembourg language drama of a detective, and it was announced by Samsa movie.

The first season was at the top or first position in some countries such as Spain, Argentina, Greece, Uruguay, and Luxembourg while remaining in the top 10 on Netflix in other countries.

The second season will air on February 22, 2022, on its land channel, ie. RLT and Christophe Wagner are the directors of this drama series.

The main protagonist Luc Shiltz will be back to reprise his role of Luc Capitani, and the show started to premiere on February 22 this year. But Netflix’s release date will come later after the 12 new episodes air on RLT.

What is the story of a Capitani crime drama?

The series is so interesting because Netflix singled out the Capitani crime drama. First, the story is twisted, and all love the scenes in the theater. The story follows the inspector Luc Capirtani from the south of Luxembourg, and he is hired to investigate the case of the girl who was murdered in the forest near the Manscheid (fictional village) in the north of that country.

Other local police follow him, and he finds something different among the locals of that village because they are different. After all, what is seen is not like what makes his research difficult.

While doing his research, he not only finds the person who is behind the mystery, but also Capitani finds out that people or inhabitants of that village are different because their minds are manipulated. Then the story comes out or opens in eight days.

Capitani Season 2: Trailer

There is no trailer for the new season, as the series has not yet been released for the second season, and we expect the trailer to be released a month or a week before the release date of Capitani Season 2. So until then, enjoy season 2

You can watch the show on Netflix and receive 6.6 ratings out of 10 on IMDb. So I think you should watch this excellent series and for more dramas follow us to read the latest articles.


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