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Can You Expect Another Twilight Movie? What Are Main Cast Of Twilight Saga Up To?

The fans of the most famous Twilight Saga are still not over the climactic ending of the chronological film series. Teenagers genuinely adored the universe of Twilight Saga all around the world. Moreover, the film series has a broader audience base across the globe. When it comes to the fans, they are never happy with the fact that their favorite TV-Series or Film Series has come to an end. 

Given that it is a piece of past news, people still anticipate another movie from the Twilight Saga. According to sources of both the past and the present, the fifth film of the Vampire-Wolf Saga was the last; there will be no other movies. 

The Twilight Saga is not coming back (Not at least anytime soon)

The ending of a franchise is the toughest thing for directors, producers, cast and crew members. However, it is tougher for fans to exists in a world where their favorite franchise has come to an end. The only way to revive the franchise is to ask the novelist and to write more content for the story.

For a very long time now, Stephanie Meyer has been silent about the release of the next book concerning Twilight Saga. So, the lucky guess would be that Meyer doesn’t want to curate a book in the same universe. Hence, there won’t be a sixth film based on the characters of Twilight.

What is the original cast of Twilight up to?

The main characters of the Twilight Saga gained worldwide recognition like Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner. The careers of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart didn’t stop with the end of the Twilight Saga. Additionally, Pattinson and Stewart are on the verge of gaining stardom once again.

Kristen Stewart will feature as one of the angels in the reboot of Charlie’s Angels. On the other hand, Robert Pattinson is the next Batman in the forthcoming Batman movie by Matt Reeves. The potential Batman movie draws inspiration from Alfred Hitchcock’s noir setting. In addition to this, fans will see Bruce Wayne walking on the path to becoming the greatest detective in the world.

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