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Bryson DeChambeau drive hits fan at Ryder Cup who’s left clutching shin in pain

Bryson DeChambeau got his Ryder Cup off to the worst possible start by hitting a fan with his first tee shot in the opening fourballs.

As the American’s name was announced spectators waited eagerly to see what he would do on the first hole.

DeChambeau was next after Scottie Scheffler, Tyrrell Hatton, and Jon Rahm.

The 28-year old is known for his long driving and did not disappoint fans. He pulled out the big stick to face the challenge.

DeChambeau gave everything and drove his huge drive down the left-hand side of the course.

Bryson DeChambeau's shot didn't find its intended target on the first tee
Bryson DeChambeau’s shot didn’t find its intended target on the first tee

Despite his bulked up appearance, DeChambeau kept silent while the ball was in the air, failing to shout the warning word of ‘fore.’

The ball hit a fan’s shin, landing flush, prompting gasps from all around.

According to reports, she did not sustain any serious injuries.

Is Bryson Debbeau currently the greatest golfer in the world? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.

DeChambeau's shot hit a women on the shin
DeChambeau’s shot hit a women on the shin

DeChambeau, meanwhile, produced a superb escape from the thick rough and holed the putt, carding an impressive opening birdie.

Although the American’s style may not be for everyone, it is clear that he provides entertainment.

DeChambeau is driven by entertainment, which has led him to look for new ways to show his talent.

DeChambeau located the fan after his wayward tee shot
DeChambeau located the fan after his wayward tee shot

Bryson DeChambeau drive hits fan at Ryder Cup who's left clutching shin in pain

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“Look, I’m not trying to change anybody’s perception,” he told The Guardian. “All I’m trying to do is showcase what I can do for the game of golf. Whether people like it or not, that’s their interpretation of it.

“For me, I’m going to keep providing people with the best entertainment I possibly can, and some people may not like it, some people love it.

“I’m now doing stuff on TikTok and Instagram and YouTube, just going to do things a little different because I want to show people who I actually am.

“I think it’s cool when they get to see behind the scenes a little bit, see what I do during my daily life. It kind of opens it up to: ‘Whoa, this isn’t just this person because of what people think about me out on the golf course, this is actually a human being.’

“It’s not about changing anybody’s perception. I think it’s about getting the crowd behind us and allowing them to, I guess you could say, rile us up to win the Cup.”

Team USA claimed an early lead in the Ryder Cup on Friday, going 3-1 up after the opening rounds of fourballs.

Bryson DeChambeau drive hits fan at Ryder Cup who's left clutching shin in pain
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