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Brutal pub sign bans tracksuits, caps and ‘badly dressed over 40s’

Finding something suitable to wear for the pub may be an issue for some.

Many debate whether to dress comfily in a pair of joggers or to perhaps to throw on a nice shirt and some jeans.

Well, one pub has made things a little easier with its strict dress code that has left Reddit users in stitches.

Pictured in the post is the full list of rules that have been placed in the window of the building.

The brutal sign even singles out one brand in particular with banning the entry of people wearing clothing brand Superdry.

‘Badly’ dressed people over the age of 40 may also be turned away at the boozer – and under 21s aren’t permitted either.

pub sign on chalk board
The long list of banned items and people on the dress code

The brutal entry requirements read: “No tracksuits, no caps, no Superdry, no badly dressed over 40s.”

However, the sign targeted the youth after it demanded, “Strictly no under 21’s.’’

Although, the pub remained somewhat polite as it added ‘thank you’ at the end of the list.

People took to the comments to share their thoughts on the brutal sign which has humoured many Reddit users.

One person joked: “Can imagine some badly dressed 39 year old saying ‘phew, I’m good’.”

Another person added: “6 more years, woop!”

A third person noted: “Gonna Need you to show ID for that crap outfit…. Ooh born 1980 GET OUT.”

However, some people did not see the funny side of the sign.

One person commented: “Places like this probably think they’ll attract customers by being funny but to me it comes off as unnecessarily intimidating and snide that I’d rather go somewhere else.”

Whilst someone else said: “Sounds like the place I went to which banned mobile phones entirely, unsurprisingly it was completely empty.”

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Brutal pub sign bans tracksuits, caps and 'badly dressed over 40s'
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