Bringing your business into 2020


We’re one fifth of the way into the 21st Century, the digital era… the era of change. It’s clear that having a digital presence is no longer “optional”, and so you need to think outside of the box. First, consider those brands, companies, and industries leading the way – and then seek to emulate what they do.

Big names, bigger change

In order to understand the sheer growth that can come from adaptation, it’s important to look at some of the household names who’ve embraced it the most. Consider that everyone’s favorite streaming service, Netflix, has come a long way since its days of being a mail-order service – it now embraces complex algorithms and Artificial Intelligence which Forbes credits with its success.

Playing into the nature of streaming, which is now far more popular than going to the movies, they’re able to recommend shows, documentaries, and films to viewers based on what they’ve watched previously. This serves to increase viewer engagement, as does their ever-expanding offering of a variety of content including their very own (very successful) Netflix Originals. Netflix is going from strength to strength and has earned itself a place in the very fabric of today’s culture.

Bingo: A case study

Once upon a time, bingo wasn’t something that many of us even thought about until our golden years, but all that has changed. In recent years, bingo “raves” can be found around the world appealing to young people, involving bingo played in nightclubs and at special events. For those who prefer not to party and prefer the comfort of their own home, the online bingo world is absolutely booming.

So, how did the industry achieve such a makeover? In staying on top of the trends, of course. Online bingo models mirror the external interests of their players, with a variety of different “themes” available so that players don’t get bored. From reality TV to video games, there’s something for everyone, easily accessible from desktop and mobile devices, a fact which is crucial in a world where over half of all traffic comes from a mobile device.

Looking for future opportunities

If your business could do with shaking up in a similar manner to the examples we’ve seen above – like many others, from Amazon through to the humble Yellow Pages – it’s really important that you truly understand your industry in 2020 and the direction it has yet to take.

Ignoring technological advances won’t get you anywhere, and so it’s important to look at how AI and machine learning could help you along your way. In addition, consider how your business model can adapt to the latest trends. It could be something as simple as ensuring that your products feature an Instagram tag, for your customers to spread the word more easily.

Of course, it’s important to continue to look to the companies and brands who are getting it right – it’s likely that in 2021, the tables will have turned all over again.


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