Bridal ‘mad’She has to return the dress she borrowed, even though she was not invited by the owner


Bridal ‘mad’She has to return the dress she borrowed, even though she was not invited by the owner

A woman has taken to Reddit to vent about how, despite being disinvited from her brother’The weddingBrideStill expects to borrow her WeddingDress.

The 27-year-old said that when a wedding invitation came that didn’t include her wife, she asked her sister-in-law why. Apparently, the bride’s ParentsHad been “giving her hell” for inviting her, as they don’t like the couple “for obvious reasons”.

Despite this, she was “mad”She asked her to marry her wedding dressTo be returned to her before she gets married.

Posting on the Am I The A**hole subreddit, the woman explains that she and her sister-in-law are close, and have the same sense of style. Her family is however, “vicious” “comment on me and my wife and act as if we were less than.”She stated that they can often ignore them because they only see them at big events.

Redditor was delighted to lend her the wedding dress she loved when her sister-inlaw mentioned it.

When the invitation arrived without a name, alarm bells began ringing.

She said: “I called my sister-in-law to ask, and she tells me her parents were giving her hell for inviting me and my wife because they don’t like us for ‘obvious’ reasons and after a lot of fighting they agreed that I come alone since I’m the groom’s sister, but not bring my wife.”

Her sister in law apologized and explained that the parents of the bride are paying for it. Although the bride’s parents “messed with the entire guest list”, the Redditor said she wouldn’t go unless her wife goes, too.

She wrote: “She got upset, telling me to let it go, but I refused and she ended up taking back the invitation saying she was sorry she just didn’t want any drama at her wedding.”

“I said ‘fine, no hard feelings’ and asked my brother to send my dress back to my place. My sister-in-law was stunned after she found out I took the dress back. She came over crying begging me to let her have it since she’s not the one with the budget and her parents told her to pay for her own wedding dress but she has no money.

“She said she loved my dress and promised to take care of it and return it but I refused.”

She continued: “My parents got involved, telling me to let her have it and reminded me of how strong our bond is but I said it clearly wasn’t as strong as I thought it was because she let her parents exclude me and my wife from the wedding.”

She said she isn’t angry, she just doesn’t want to give her the dress after everything that happened.

She also mentioned that her sister in law is “mad”And seemed to be hoping that she would change her minds by texting her every single day in a bid for her to “pressure”Her to lend the dress.

One commenter wrote: “If your wife isn’t ‘good’ enough to be invited for obvious reasons, the dress you married her in isn’t either.”

A comment with 14,000 upvotes called her sister-in-law a choosing beggar, and questioned the sister-in-law’s gall to “sh*t on your sexuality and marriage, and then feel entitled to one of the most personal symbols of that in your own wedding dress that you married your wife in.”

Reddit user: “Choices have consequences. Your SIL [sister-in-law] is choosing to not have you and your wife at the wedding. The consequence of that is she doesn’t get to use your wedding dress.”

The parents seem to dictate the guest list and it makes it appear that they would love creating a party. list of rules around what guests can and can’t do during the wedding too.


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