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I refused to donate part of my liver to save my birth mother’s life because I felt slighted about her giving me up, but everything changed after an unwanted meeting. 

When I turned 16 years old, I found out that I had been adopted. My birth parents had no money to take care of me when I was born and had to give me up.

After they gave birth to me, child services took my case and placed me with parents who wanted me to be adopted. John and Jane are my adoptive parents. They love me very deeply.

My birth mother needed a liver transplant and I made a decision not to donate mine | Source: Shutterstock

Source: Shutterstock I grew up surrounded by three siblings who have made my life wonderful by just being a part of it.| Source: Shutterstock

I grew up surrounded by three siblings who have made my life wonderful by just being a part of it. My happy life is a result of my adoption. I don’t think I could have it if I hadn’t stayed with my parents.

My birth parents called my adoptive relatives one day out of the blue. My birth mother needed a liver donation. They were already on a waiting list but were worried that it would be too late. Her condition was rapidly deteriorating.

Their other child was also born, but they rejected him as he was too young. They wanted my parents to test me for compatibility and have me donate a portion of my liver to my birth mom.

I grew up surrounded by three siblings | Source: Pexels

I grew up with three siblings. Source: Pexels Jane, John, and Jane are very responsible parents. They decided to consult me before taking any decisions.| Source: Pexels

John and Jane are very responsible parents, so they decided to consult me before making any decision.

“Hey Scott,” After breaking the news to my mother, my father said. “You can decide to help your parents but your refusal is also acceptable.”

“That’s right honey,” My mom said. “It’s all up to you. We are prepared to support any choice you make.”

I was lost in thought. “You know what kiddo? Why don’t you sleep on it and let us know in the morning?” John, my father, suggested. I accepted, and they asked me my opinion the next day.

I made the decision not to donate my liver | Source: Pexels

“I won’t do it,” I said. “I don’t know them other than they gave birth to me. They have had no part in my life whatsoever and can’t expect me to just make myself available because they suddenly need me.”

My adoptive parents were supportive of my decision and relayed it to my birth parents, who were furious. John and Jane received a nasty note the next day.

“We are well within our rights to ask our child to donate his liver. It is not that we need it to eat, we need it to keep his birth mother alive and if he refuses to come to our aid, we can seek legal action which would result in him doing it by force. We would like to avoid such a scenario so we hope you can convince him to reconsider his decision.”

My biological parents sent a nasty letter after my decision reached them | Source: Pexels

After I made my decision, my biological parents sent me an angry letter. Source: Pexels John & Jane were furious.| Source: Pexels

When John and Jane read the letter, they were furious. “Who are they to make such demands?” My mother inquired.

“How did they even track us down?” My father was furious. “It was a closed adoption so all the details should be confidential.”

My parents’ arrogance was what also furiously angered me. It was impossible for them to expect me to feel dependent on a family I haven’t been a member of in over a decade.

My biological father, Steve, visited me a few days later. It shocked my parents again that he was able to locate us so easily. John wanted to get at Jane, but Jane calmed John down.

“Honey, he came all the way,” She said. “Let’s at least hear him out.”

Jane tells John to at least hear Steve out | Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels My father eventually agreed, after which I was summoned.| Source: Pexels

My father eventually agreed, after which I was summoned. Jane was able to convince me that I would not leave my bedroom to talk to him.

“Just listen to what he has to say and we can kick him out afterwards,” I was assured by her.

Because I loved her, I couldn’t refuse to give her my consent. Jane was a great mother and put a lot of work into my upbringing. She made me feel loved, which is something I didn’t get from my birth parents.

My surprise at our similarity was evident when I first saw Steve. I was stunned by our resemblance and stared at him while he spoke. Finally, he convinced me to return home with him for a visit he said would change my mind.

I realized that the future of the little boy identified as my brother was riding on my decision | Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels I was very certain nothing could, but I agreed anyway, and he took me to their house.| Source: Pexels

I was very certain nothing could, but I agreed anyway, and he took me to their house. Steve recognized me as my brother’s one-year old son when I first entered the house.

My decision was his destiny. I looked at him. My refusal would mean that the little boy would lose his mother. This would be devastating.

Although I was angry at my birth parents, I offered to help my little brother so he could have a happy childhood.

After the successful operation, my birth parents agreed not to contact me again. They were able to respect my wishes. I am happy that another child will have a happy childhood with their complete family.

After a successful operation, I asked my birth parents not to contact me again | Source: Pexels

After the successful operation, I asked my birth parents to not contact me again. Source: Pexels. What lessons did this story teach us?| Source: Pexels

What did we learn from this story?

  • You shouldn’t return evil with evil. Scott did not want to listen to his birth parents plea for help. Scott would have done the same if he hadn’t seen his younger brother. Scott would have been able to raise him without a mother. He was able to see the truth and he was able to forgive his anger.
  • Never act in anger. Scott was angry at his parents for refusing to help him. He didn’t like the fact they had given him up. If he let his anger get the better of him, his birth mother would have died and Scott’s younger brother would not have known the love and support of his mom. He made the right decision at the end.

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