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Boy, 16, stunned after intruder locks him out of house and claims he doesn’t live there

Boy, 16, stunned after intruder locks him out of house and claims he doesn't live there

An intruder reportedly broke into a family’s home and tried to take over the house pretending they didn’t live there, police have said.

Hartford Courant reports that Benjamin Dahm was found by a 16-year-old boy who saw a car with no license plates in the garage.

The boy noticed that the front door was locked. He also saw a man dressed in shorts and a shirt, making himself comfortable.

An incident report states that the man saw the boy and opened a window in order to warn him.

He allegedly told the boy, “this isn’t your house anymore” before slamming the window shut.

A landscaper arrived to complete scheduled work on the property after the odd encounter and called police.

The 16-year old was stunned and called his mother to find out what was happening.

Dahm was not paying attention to the state troopers who arrived.

He refused to leave the house after making eye contact with a cop officer.

As the situation escalated, he tried to downplay the situation by telling cops: “I live here with my girlfriend, there shouldn’t be any problems, she will be home shortly.”

An incident report claims officers were holding him at gunpoint.

The 31-year old intruder, whose home is located in Gales Ferry 20 miles away, was later taken into custody inside the second-floor bathroom of the family’s Old Lyme home.

Troopers and K-9 police dogs managed to break into the basement storm door and get Dahm out. However, he refused to comply with their orders.

The officers found Dahm hiding in an upstairs bathroom, and arrested him.

According to reports, no items were taken and no damage was done to the house or contents.

According to court records, Dahm was also charged with third-degree theft, second-degree criminal mistrespass, disorderly conduct and interfering in the affairs of an officer.

He currently is in custody on a $50,000 bond (£36,000), and has another six active criminal and motor vehicle cases pending from dates between April and July.

According to court records, some of these cases include disorderly behavior and violating conditions of release.

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Boy, 16, stunned after intruder locks him out of house and claims he doesn't live there
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