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Blue Bloods: It Seems Like Baker’s Husband Will Have Quite A Role.

Blue BloodsAs we prepare for Blue Bloods season 12 episode 4 on CBS tomorrow, it seems like Baker’s husband will have quite a role.

So what’s going on with him? A lot of it starts in the first sneak peek below for tomorrow’s episode, as Frank calls Abigail into his office to talk about something that happened with Brian in the field. In his words, Brian “crossed the line,” and this obviously is going to put his wife in a difficult spot. So much of her job is about assessing and coordinating with Frank on problems related to the NYPD. What happens when a problem stems from her own husband? How do you navigate this?

We do think Baker will understand whatever choice Frank makes, given that she is rational and recognizes that sometimes, difficult choices have to be made. Do we think this means Brian will lose his job? Hardly. Frank is often the sort of Commissioner who will see both sides and understand hard decisions, and we absolutely think that this is going to be the case here, as well. There is a chance that he doesn’t have the full story on what happened with Brian, and he will likely get to the bottom of that before any significant decision is made one way or another.

There is a bonus sneak peek below that we also recommend watching, as this one gives you a sense of what’s coming over at Reagan family dinner. We don’t think there’s necessarily some huge revelation here; rather, we’re looking at a situation here where Henry may have made some sort of questionable choice when it comes to dinner prep.

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Blue Bloods: It Seems Like Baker’s Husband Will Have Quite A Role.
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