Black Mirror Season 6: Release date, Cast, Plot and Latest updates

“Black Mirror” famous for its brutal way of climax aired its last season on June 5. The sci-fi anthology directed by Charlie Brooker received a lot of attention because of its special way of storytelling. The possible, ways in which the future can turn out is pictured by him in a dark theme. Because of that fact, this series is not for the faint-hearted.

First seasons which taken the viewers through an unpredictable mind-numbing bumpy ride is not yet finished. Brooker and Executive producer Annabel Jones are not ready to put down the shutter yet.

“I think [interactive episode] “Bandersnatch” has proven it can exist as a single film,” Jones said in her suspenseful manner. “I like that idea, doing one. It’s interesting for us, and hopefully for viewers, to find other ways… other forms of storytelling in which to dramatize things, if they’re earned.”

This talk makes it evident that the next season is happening without any question. Last season was more about current issues caused by technology to society. Earlier seasons mostly was filled with gadgets from undefined future.

Frequently surfaced Questions on Season six by fans with an unquenched thirst for more.

Who will feature in Black Mirror Season 6?

Last season has witnessed many popular actors in lead roles such as Miley Cyrus, Anthony Mackie and Bryce Dallas Howard. Black Mirror introduces new cast on each episode. So it is safe to say that upcoming seasons will be featuring more famed actors.

How many seasons can we expect?

The trend of season count from the last five seasons indicate a range as low as 3 episodes or up to 6 episodes. Next season will be no different.

Black Mirror Season 6: When will it release?

Airing of the previous seasons was sparse and unpredictable. Even though the last season was released on NetFlix by June earlier seasons had hit the TV screen on February, October and December. So it is impossible to take even a wild guess.

Black Mirror Season 6 Plot: What will happen in next season?

In each season a lot is happening from which no one can predict anything. And the stories are independent of each other except one or two.
The directors are also in the thought of another interactive episode like “Bandersnatch”. They admit that they kept saying they will never do this again all the time while making ‘Bandersnatch’. And after finishing the movie gave them a mother’s perspective where the pain is blocked out and the childbirth is total ecstasy.

When will the trailer of Black Mirror Season 6 be out?

The trailer of Season 5 and most of the previous seasons where out 3 weeks before the release of the series. So such a pattern can be expected for season 6 also.

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