Bigg Boss Vote Tamil online : Steps for Malaysian people to vote for Mugen to win the title of Bigg Boss

Fans of Mugen in Malaysia have been complaining off late about not being able to vote for their favorite contestant on Bigg Boss 3. Fans have also complained of Not being able to access Hotstar. Well, here’s why?

Since there are restrictions on voting from outside India, which is why the fans of Mugen in Malaysia are not able to vote in Bigg Boss 3 Tamil and it is the same reasons they are not able to access Hotstar.

However, the fans don’t need to frown and they can still support Mugen and help him win the Bigg Boss 3 title by following the belwo simple steps –

Bigg Boss Tamil Sep 30 Nominated Contestants

• Raising support from their peers and friends in India.
• Asking them to download Hotstar App and search for Bigg Boss 3 Tamil.
• Casting all of their 50 votes for Mugen using the App
• They can alternatively give a missed call on the following number 8367796808.
• Another way in which the Malaysian fans can support Mugen is by installing a Hotstar App to their Android or iOS devices using a VPN.
• Fans may use any VPN but Nord VPN is one of the VPN service providers on the respective App Stores.
• Services of Nord VPN are chargeable which comes with a money back guarantee and if the user is not satisfied the money is refunded.
• Once installed, the fans need to follow step number 2 and 3 to vote for Mugen.

So cheers to all the fans of Mugen out there in Malaysia. Now that you have found out ways to vote for your favorite. What are you waiting for? Go and vote.

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