Bigg Boss Telugu vote 3: Who will eliminate this week ?

The third season of the reality show BIGG BOSS TELUGU is currently ongoing. The show has done reasonably well amassing increased ratings as compared to previous years.

About the vote out of the week:

As we know Monday is the nomination day in the show. Contestants are supposed to nominate someone among themselves based on their bonding with the person.

The Monday episode witnessed Bigg Boss calling contestants to the confession room in pairs. The pairs were then asked to decide who will be nominated for the week among themselves. Contestants went in pairs as called upon by Bigg Boss, and cast their votes.

Bigg Boss Telugu Week 4 Nominated Contestants


Contestants who got immunity, and those who were directly eliminated:

Punarnavi was the contestant who was immune from the voting process for the fourth week. He will definitely make it to the fifth week of the show.

Sreemukhi was directly eliminated for the week prior to the vote out process. Contestants were asked not to take her name in the nomination process as she was already nominated.

Siva Jyothi and Rohini were caught discussing nominations.

There’s a rule of the house which refrains each house guest from discussing the nomination process among themselves. Siva Jyothi and Rohini were caught planning for the nomination process of the week.

Bigg Boss as a punishment nominated them for the week, and for the upcoming week. They both tried to defend themselves but Bigg Boss was unaffected he stood by his decision.

Nominated contestants for the fourth week:

As many as seven contestants were nominated for the week.

Sreemukhi, Ravi Krishna, Siva Jyothi, Varun Sandesh, Baba Bashkar, Rahul Sipligunj, Rohini were the ones who are unsafe for the week.

Any one of them will leave the house this week, and this will be revealed by Akkineni Nagarjuna over the weekend. We will update you as soon as the nominated contestant for the week is finalized.

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