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Bigg Boss Telugu Vote: Who will the Battle of Medallion? Vote for your favourite contestant

Bigg Boss Telugu season 3 has reached half of the time. 10+ weeks have passed and only a few contestants are fighting for the trophy. This week Bigg Boss has given a task called Battle of Medallion. The contestants who participated in this task are Vitika, Ali, Varun Sandesh, Siva Jyothi, Sreemukhi and Baba Bhaskar.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote: Who will win the Battle of Medallion? Vote for your favorite contestant

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They have to carry water from two taps and fill it in the containers assigned to them individually until the smiley balls in the containers reach the top. Punarnavi was assigned to be the monitor of this task.

While the task was going on, Ali filled Siva Jyoti’s container for her instead of his own. Because of this, both of them got disqualified. Ali later justified why he helped Siva Jyoti. He also said everybody is not giving their 100% in tasks. At the end of the show, Vithika won this water task and was sent to the final level of the battle of medallion. Baba Basker and Sreemukhi gave their best in the task.

There will be one more task that will determine who will compete against Vithika in the final round. Earlier this week, Bigg Boss conducted a task for nominations called Ralle Rathnalu where contestants other than Sreemukhi have to collect as many stones as possible which have points. Ali Reza, Siva Jyoti, Baba Bhasker and Vithika had a maximum number of stones and as a result of which Varun Sandesh, Punarnavi, Mahesh Vitta, and Rahul Shilpigunj who had least stones got nominated this week for eliminations.

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