Bigg Boss Telugu Vote: Rahul, Varun and Mahesh Nominated for elimination

Bigg Boss 3 Telugu is a kind of reality television show where celebrities live in an isolated house and they have to compete in challenging tasks to avoid eliminations.

Bigg Boss 3 Telugu entered its 12th week with an elimination nominations task in which all the contestants had to participate in the task. In last week, Punarnavi was eliminated from the Bigg Boss house.

How did the Eleventh Nominations Take place?

In this task, contestants were given a trolley and they had to push it to the target paths wherein every round one contestant will be eliminated who could not push it to the target paths. Varun, Vithika, Mahesh, and Rahul are the losers of this task.


Things happen after the end of the task

As Vithika was the second contestant to be nominated for elimination. So, she used her “Battle of the Medallion” power to save her from the eliminations as Bigg Boss gave her this medal in one of the previous tasks.

And now her decision left her husband Varun, Mahesh, and Rahul as the final nominations for this week.

The task becomes fierce during the last two rounds when Rahul and Baba Bhaskar entered into a fight as Rahul is blaming Baba Bhaskar for blocking his strategy.

In this season, Rahul Sipligunj is no stranger in the elimination nominations list but every time he survived in the eliminations as he has a huge fan following.

Contestants who face the risk of eleventh elimination this week are:

This week, Mahesh Vitta, Varun and Rahul Sipligunj are the contestants who were nominated for eliminations. You can vote for your favorite contestant to save him from getting eliminated from the Bigg Boss house.

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