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Bigg Boss Telugu 3 : Tamanna Simhadri Eliminated | Vithika, Baba Bhaskar Safe

In this yesterday’s episode of Bigg Boss, Nagarjuna told the nominated contestants, Tamanna, Vithika, Punarnavi, Baba Bhaskar and Rahul to keep their suitcases in a room. The one whose suitcase will be missing today will have to leave the house.

Who is it that was eliminated today? Why the contestant got eliminated? We will let you know. Out of the five contestants that are nominated. Vithika and Tamanna were most likely to be eliminated. Although Punarnavi and Rahul had a fair share of fights, they didn’t leave the house today.

The battle was between Vithika and Tamanna. And between these two, Tamanna got eliminated. One thing is clear, if Tamanna didn’t enter into the house this week, Vithika would have been eliminated. But Tamanna has gathered enough hatred for herself in just a single week to eliminate herself.

And this elimination comes as no surprise. We have also checked multiple online surveys, Twitter polls to surveys by reputed sites. Almost every single opinion poll online say that Tamanna is the one to leave the show on Sunday. Bullying Ravi Prakash, Having verbal fights with Ali Reza and Shiva Jyothi are major reasons behind her elimination.

Though Tamanna became calm and collected in the last 2 episodes, that was not enough to save herself from eviction. After Tamanna, Vithika has the most number of votes against her. Most of the people also think she should be eliminated. But they are voting for her in Hotstar because they think, Tamanna should be eliminated first.

Host Nagarjuna also gave a class to Tamanna on the way she behaved with Ravi Prakash and the way she defamed Shiva Jyothi and journalism in general. She was asked to apologize to all journalists and Shiva Jyothi, She did so.

Tamanna Simhadri is the one that left the house is what our research says. What is your opinion on her elimination? Who should be eliminated next? Do let us know your opinion by writing in the comments section below. Also, let us know whom do you think will be the winner of this season.



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