Bigg Boss Telugu 3: The voting system to undergo some changes for the latest season of the show

The earlier two seasons of the Bigg Boss Telugu received enormous viewership and managed to shatter all the previous Viewership records for any television reality show.

And now when the season 3 is about to launch it is obvious that it will be the hot topic for the coming days. It has managed to create some serious buzz all over the internet.

This season will vitness some changes in the format as compared to the previous seasons. One such change is the change in the voting pattern, voting won’t be conducted in the similar fashion as it was conducted in the previous seasons.

This season will have the phone call voting system and to believe the rumours, there will be a Hotstar based voting system along with the phone call voting system. The previous seasons used google voting system to facilitate the users to cast their votes to their favorite candidates.

From this year the audience can send an SMS along with the code of their favorite contestant for who they are willing to cast their votes on the number that will be provided by the show.

Bigg Boss 3

However there is no official confirmation from the makers regarding the change in the voting process. The show is already on air and it is a matter of few days when we will get to know that whether the said changes in the voting pattern are made or not.

It is confirmed that Tollywood King Nagarjuna is going to be the host of Bigg Boss season 3. It will surely give a huge boost to the TRP of the show. So many rumours about the contestants of the show came out and another big news is that unlike the previous seasons there will be no commoners this season only the celebrities will take part in the show this year.

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