Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Updates: Will Jaffar get eliminated?

The third season of Big Boss Telugu has begun; experts are suggesting that the TRPs and ratings of the show are skyrocketing. There was a little anticipation among the people when the third season of Bigg Boss Telugu came into being. Moreover, the host of the show Nagarjuna is also highly appreciated by the viewers.

The TRP of this week is at its peak as Bigg Boss Telugu in the entirety of the third season. The on-going fights and utter controversies from the real-life couple Vithika and Varun did help the show gain TRPs. The rest of the contestants of the show are struggling when it comes to gaining the screen time, as Tamanna is gaining a lot of attention in the show lately.


By the looks of it, the Tamanna is entirely safe from getting eliminated this week. The reason why Tamanna is gaining a lot of attention is because of the positive image of Himaja Reddy. In addition to this, Tamanna’s recent standoff concerning Jaffar did help her to garner a massive amount of attention that she needed. Tamanna is not going to get eliminated this week.

The recent reports from the experts are suggesting that the contestant Jaffar Babu might pack bags and leave the show for goods.

Eight Bigg Boss Telugu housemates are up for eviction

A recent report from the Times of India suggests that around eight distinctive housemates have been nominated so far. The names of the contestants are Himaja Reddy, Rahul Sipligunj, Sreemukhi, Vithika Sheru, Varun Sandesh, Mahesh Vitta, Punarnavi Bhupalam, and the chaotic Jaffar Babu. We already know Himaja, Rahul, Sreemukhi and Mahesh are in the safe zone.

Moreover, Jaffar Babu is a famous journalist who always feels that controversies can protect him from eviction. Even in his professional sphere, Jaffar Babu releases the stories and videos that gain a lot of discussions. As per the sources, it looks like Jaffar Babu is going to face the elimination this week.

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