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Bigg Boss Tamil Vote: It was another uneventful week in the Tamil version of Bigg Boss season three. The audience was exposed to both qualitative and quantitative controversies. It almost felt like the audience was being bestowed with the controversies. In the middle of all the controversies, Kavin becomes the inevitable scapegoat from the boys’ group.

By the looks of it, everybody used Kavin the way they wanted to some of these notable contestants was Sherin, Cheran and almost everyone in the house. However, there was an exception as Losliya didn’t make a scapegoat out of Kavin. Sometimes, it feels that the boys’ group in Bigg Boss Tamil are using a script to survive in the game.

Were the Boys group in Bigg Boss Tamil season 3 genuine?

Something extraordinary happened during the nomination round this week. A majority of the audience felt that the boys’ group in Bigg Boss had a different strategy. They were entertaining the audience with the fan, song, and gala, and they were able to gain sympathy from the audience.

The boys were dressed up uniformly with their Gurunadha hoodies and in the middle of everything the group felt that they need to change their game plan. Given that the whole part seemed genuine at first, but what happened with Kavin was something that nobody expected.

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Day 71 Nominated Constestants

Will Kavin be safe during the nominations this week?

Sherin has always been in the lead since the beginning of the game. After the end of the nomination special, a hashtag has become very common across Twitter, namely, “Save Kavin. Currently, the fans of Kavin are pleased with their favourite contestant’s progress.

However, the re-entry of Sakshi and the fury that Vanitha holds could change Kavin sympathy gaining game plan.

The ninth elimination voting of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3:

Sherin: 22365 Votes

Cheran: 27562 Votes

Losliya: 30251 Votes

Mugen: 35462 votes

Kavin: 53625 Votes

By the looks of it, the ninth elimination of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 will be an exciting one.

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