Bigg Boss Tamil Elimination: Sakshi Agarwal Is Eliminated


In the Bigg Boss’ lavish house, the essential segment of a week is the elimination rounds that take place on the weekends. Moreover, these moments decide the fate of the contestants that have the potential to get a dismissal from the show. Nevertheless, Most of the contestants who get eliminated from the series also have a chance of residing in the secret room. On Season 3 Episode 50 of Bigg Boss Tamil Sakshi Agarwal Is Eliminated. A couple of her fellow contestants got to tears on news of her elimination, but she took it quite well.

Bigg Boss Tamil Elimination: Sakshi Agarwal Is Eliminated


The Bigg Boss Tamil 3 is in its eighth week. So far, there have been significant amounts of elimination in the show. Contestants such as Mohan Vaidya, Fathima Babu, Reshma Pasupuleti, Meera Mitun have already been eliminated and now its Sakshi Agarwal.

Bigg Boss Tamil Elimination: Sakshi Agarwal Is Eliminated

The first-ever entry of a wild card contestant

Given that there will be an imminent elimination that is going to happen on the 11th of Aug, there was a subtle element of surprise. There was a wild card entry of a contestant, namely, Kasturi. Alongside the wildcard entry, four of the housemates of Bigg Boss Tamil were nominated for elimination.

Saravanan, Sakshi Agarwal, Abhirami, and Losliya are the contestants who are nominated for elimination. However, Saravanan is already out of the show, Bigg Boss Tamil due to his inappropriate behavior with women during his college days.

Sakshi Agarwal got fewer votes

Given that Saravanan was immediately let go from Tamil Bigg Boss 3, it didn’t seem to affect the eliminations.

Bigg Boss Tamil Elimination: Sakshi Agarwal Is Eliminated

Nevertheless, Sakshi never really got an opportunity in creating a dominant impression among the audience. By the looks of it, the subtlety doesn’t work a long time, and now she is eliminated. The rest of the contestants of Bigg Boss Tamil are getting closer to the massive finale of the show.


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