Bigg Boss Tamil 5: Why did Pavni Reddy’s husband commit suicide?


Pavni Reddy is the most talked-about female Bigg Boss 5 contestant today. The army was formed for her on the second day of the Bigg Boss Tamil reality show. Pavni Reddy fans freaked out on day two after knowing her age. She said she is 33 years old.

The story of Namitha Marimuthu was so painful that it foretold her the long journey to be recognized. And yesterday it was Pavni Reddy to share the tragedy she has encountered.

Within eight months of the marriage, her loving husband committed suicide. Pavni Reddy (biography) could not get out of this tragedy so quickly. Pavni has chosen the Big Boss competition as an opportunity to show her real character to the people and to express the pain she went through.

Within four days of the show, Pavani Reddy was crying over her late husband, Pradeep Kumar. Pavni Reddy mentions that “I will live to think of him to the last until I die.” In this case, Pavni acted to share her love, marriage and husband suicide in yesterday’s task.

Why did Pavni Reddy’s husband commit suicide?

She began: “My name is Pavani Reddy; my parents called me Durga. I went to work, and I wasn’t very interested. I saw a paper advertisement once and rang the bell.

They asked me to come and audition, along with a photo audition coming up. I took my passport photo and went on the spot. They told me to go there and take a full size photo in the studio.

I went to the studio, where they first told me to go to the acting practice. So I went to the grooming institute and took an acting course. After that my life moved with series and movies.

Then the love story began. We got to know each other while working on the film. It would be nice to see him, and he was a dancer. Then I told my father and mother about love. They disagree. So I left the house. We both started acting in series.

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Day 5: Why did Pavni Reddy's husband commit suicide?

We have been in a living relationship for four years. Then we got married. We also bought a house. I was six months pregnant, so the doctor told me to stop acting in the series. But it turned out to be a miscarriage. Hearing this, Pradeep said the plan for this could be made after the house is built.


One day we celebrated my brother’s birthday. He’s not my brother, but he’s known me since I was a kid. Pradeep was a lot drunk at that party. He also said he would have a cigarette. But I told him not to.

He then got into an argument and took the car with him. Then the fight came between us again when he got home. He broke the mirror and injured his hand. Anna slept in a room. Pradeep entered our room and locked the door. I was sleeping on the dining table.

He took all my dresses out of the closet and put them down. I set an alarm to fire. When the alarm went off, I knocked on the door, but it wouldn’t open. I peeked through the hole in the door. Only his foot was visible then. I thought he was lying because of a hangover.

It wasn’t until I looked back that it was revealed that he himself had been hanged. Immediately I woke up my brother and broke into the door. I had no idea at the time that he was dead.

I got up and hit him and said, wake up, come. I informed our house. Everyone came. Some people spoke badly about my brother and me. They even said that Pradeep committed suicide after seeing my brother and me together.

Some said we were the ones who killed him. My father and mother were taken away by the police and interrogated. We both use the same brush. I looked at him like a child.

I didn’t know how to live after his death. I don’t know how the house was built alone. I didn’t cry when my husband died; I just got angry. If he had been up front I would have slapped him. I beat his body when he died.

I ran away from home and got married and lived with so many dreams, but Pradeep got through. The mother-in-law’s family was very helpful. I played in the series to forget my husband’s death. A few years later, someone was about to come into my life, but that didn’t turn out well either. I think it is written that I want to be single in my life. ”

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Day 5: Why did Pavni Reddy's husband commit suicide?


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