Big Boss Tamil Vote Results: Find out who is leading in this week voting

The third season of Bigg Boss Tamil is gearing up for its eighth elimination round. It seems like yesterday that Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 began; however, the show has completed its 60 successful episode run. In 40 days, the third season of Bigg Boss will end. In the show, eighth contestant elimination is always crucial as it changes the entirety of the show.

By the looks of it, Cheran, Tharshan, Sandy, and Kasthuri have been nominated to go through the eighth elimination. Now, the only question that surrounds the minds of the viewers is that, will their favorite contestant survive the elimination?

Kasthuri should have made a comeback before

Previously, there was an enormous amount of speculation, which suggested that one of the contestants from the boys’ group will be eliminated. The speculations also suggested that Sandy is the weakest link in the sho. However, things look a little different now.

When the recent voting was done to find out as to who would survive the elimination of the eighth week, the results were quite surprising. Sandy has garnered a massive amount of popularity throughout the 60 days, and his reputation is the only reason as to why he is leading as compared to the other contestants. The fans are looking forward to the elimination of this week, and the results are suggesting a tumultuous change in the show.

Bigg Boss Tamil Nomination

The surprising voting result of the 8th week

Up until the day before, Cheran was in the second position. Nevertheless, the present scenario suggests that Mugen is in the lead. As far as the votes are concerned, Cheran, Sandy, and Mugen are a few points apart from each other.

It is safe to say that the dismal performance task conducted by Kasthuri was a complete bleak. During the task, Cheran did justice to his job. She talked about the memorable teacher for the contestants in the house. Sadly, the audience was also heartbroken after knowing Kasthuri’s daughter’s untimely demise due to terminal illness.

The Voting Count is out, check it below:

Sandy – 198397 Votes

Tharshan – 182636 votes

Cheran – 180126 Votes 

Kasthuri – 55723 Votes

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