Bigg Boss Tamil 3: Kasthuri Shankar Makes A Wild Card Entry Into The House

If you are a fan of Bigg Boss, then you will know that you are never short of surprises in this show. On day 46, Kasthuri Shankar has become a contestant for the Bigg Boss Tamil 3 title by entering the house.

Show telecasting channel, Vijay Television has released a promo in which we can see that Kasthuri Shankar has entered the house wrapped in a box. The contestants are asked to unwrap the box, and when they did, they found Kasthuri inside. Check out the video

In the promo, we can see that actress Kasthuri is telling Sakshi that she needs answers to the questions she has about her. Sandy is seen saying that he expected the entry of Kasthuri. The drama has already begun.

The season 3 of Bigg Boss Tamil started with 16 contestants. And Kasthuri is the first wildcard entry. So Kasthuri will be the 17th contestant. Every week, one of the contestants gets eliminated. Fathima Babu, Vanitha Vijayakumar, Mohan Vaidya, Meera Mithun, Reshma Pasupuleti and Saravanan were eliminated until now.

Now that Kasthuri Shankar has entered the house, it will be even more interesting to see how the things will go on in the house. Let’s see.

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