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Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2 Elimination Week 4 – Thesni Khan Elimination and New Wild Card Entry

In the house of Bigg Boss, Saturday & Sunday are usually the days when the elimination in the reality show takes place. Nevertheless, Sunday is most-likely the day that the elimination of a contestant takes place. As the usual scenario for elimination is on Sunday, the elimination of Thesni Khan in the Saturday episode was a complete shock for the housemates.

In addition to this, both the audience and housemates feel that the announcement made by Mohanlal was quite unexpected. In the meantime, it is very hard to avoid the on-going drama in the house of Bigg Boss Malayalam.

The weekend episodes also involved some of the playful remarks that have involved the remaining contestants in the house. Most of the housemates were perplexed when Thesni Khan was announced to be evicted from the house. In addition to this, Thesni Khan was also adamant from the fact that she shouldn’t be dropped out from the house of Bigg Boss just yet.

Who Will Be Eliminated This Week?

Most of the audience has responded in several ways concerning the elimination which took place on Saturday. As compared to all the other contestants such as Pradeep, Veena, and Vishnu among others, Thesni was the only contestant who was more likely to be eliminated from the show.

The second season of Bigg Boss Malayalam is drawing to a close. In addition to this, the show’s new episodes have been getting quite unexpected. There have been two distinctive wild card entries which became a part of the Malayalam Bigg Boss this season.

Contestants such as Daya Aswati and Jasla Madassery are the notable wildcard entries who have joined the show. In addition to this, the Sunday episode showcased that a new wild card contestant is going to enter the show this week.

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