Bigg Boss Malayalam 2: Voting Results of March 1, 2020

Its been around eight weeks that Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 has been around. Some of the fan-favourite contestants of the show have been eliminated from the house such as Thesni Khan, Manju Pathrose, Rajini Chandy, and Pradeep Chandran. The suspense of this week’s elimination knows no bounds.

Moreover, the show currently features two new wild card entry contestants in the show. In addition to this, Sujo, Raghu, and lastly Alessandra have reportedly re-entered the house of Bigg Boss Malayalam after getting treatments. At the time of writing, the contestants are unsure as to who is going to be eliminated from the show.

Nominated contestants of Bigg Boss Malayalam 2

  • Veena Nair
  • RJ Sooraj
  • Arya
  • Dr. Rajithkumar
  • Jazla
  • Fukru

Which contestant is safe this week?

The popularity of Dr Rajithkumar, as well as Fukru, knows no bounds and they are the top-two contestants in terms of voting polls. It is important to note that the show has just begun and it is too early to say as to who is popular in Bigg Boss Malayalam 2.


Moreover, from the first day, Sooraj has been nominated constantly alongside Veena and Jazla. Nevertheless, Sooraj has gained a significant amount of votes in the last few days and this is the reason why he is competing directly with another popular contestant, Arya.

At the time of Costume Task, it was revealed that Fukru is currently safe from elimination. However, he doesn’t seem to stop having a verbal spat with other contestants of the house. So far, this week, Fukru has had a small dispute with Sujo where he was accused of playing the game in a wrong manner.

Take a look at the contestants who are in danger this week:

  • Veena Nair – 4% (Voting Share)
  • RJ Sooraj – 4% (Voting Share)
  • Jazla – 2% (Voting Share)

Dr Rajithkumar is leading in the polls with 80% votes whereas Arya has become a strong contestant in the eighth week.

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