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Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Voting Results | Amrutha-Abirami lead the poll with 49% Votes and two contestants are in danger zone

Things are taking different kinds of turn in the ninth week of Bigg Boss Malayalam 2. In the ninth week, Amrutha and Abirami are currently leading in terms of the poll; technically, they are leading in terms of voting since the first day. A couple of nominations that are bothering the audience this week are the nominations of Alassandra and Pashanam Shaji. Moreover, the contestants are fighting extremely hard to be saved from being evicted.

Who is leading the voting polls?

The tasks in the game are going to get tougher every day. It is important to note that Amrutha/Abirami alongside Sujo is dominating the voting polls conceived by the audience. It is still early to say as to who is going to dominate and the game and who is going to get eliminated.

On the other hand, Shaji and Alassandra are not in a safe position, not even by a single bit. In addition to this, Veena is trailing in terms of voting trends which would change if there are changes in terms of the performance.

What is the status of Pashanam Shaji and Alassandra in the show?

There is a significant reshuffle that is taking place both in the bottom and the top position. Shaji is said to be in a safe side by the end of the day. Nevertheless, Sujo and Alassandra’s fans might pull off a completely silent resurgence which would be bad for Shaji.

It would be interesting to see if Shaji recovers from the pit of elimination or not.

Amrutha-Abhirami – 49% Voting Share

Alassandra – 18% Voting Share

Sujo Mathew – 18% Voting Share

Pashanam Shaji – 7% Voting Share

Veena Nair – 7% Voting Share

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  1. There will be no elimination this week, if shaji and veena comes at the bottom. As this programme by Asianet is to project Arya, veena and shaji.

    Can’t understand why the fukru is still in this programme. How he is being protected from all his criminal and unlawful activities by Asianet.

  2. Yes they should go out and Dr rajith kumar should be the winner of bigg boss title I will support only sir dr rajith kumar

  3. വീണ ഒരു പാവയാണ് ആര്യയുടെ കയ്യിലെ ആര്യയാണ് facke

  4. അമൃത യും അഭിരാമിയും നല്ല അനുസരണ കുട്ടികൾ… ആ Dr. പറയുന്നത് കേട്ടും അനുസരിച്ചും.. അയ്യാൾ പാടാൻ പറയുമ്പോൾ പാടിയും എല്ലാം വളരെ maryadayode ചെയ്യുന്നു…. ഇത് കളിയല്ല…. സ്വന്തമായി കളിക്കുക…. ആരെയും asrayikkathe… അതാണ് “KALI ‘….

  5. Sontham vekkthithuam polum ellathe mattoralude thanalill nilkkunna amirthayeyum abhiramiyeeyum purathakkuka

  6. Its very clear audience wanted to break arays group which is playing selifelishly in the house. Today is the day for shaji & veena to get eliminated from the house. We can at least see a better bigg boss house from monday

  7. There will be no elimination this week.As there is worse players in bigboss than veena and shaji.Veena and shaji both have screen presence. And asianet promotes contestants with screen presence. so according to my opinion there will be no elimination this week in bigboss house.

  8. Arya after repeatedly challenging BB should not be in show.Fukru behaves like uncultured.only because Arya, Shaji and Veena is Asianet’s anchors or participants of programme; they should not be protected

  9. Amrita,Abhirami are useless,they are playing in the shadow of Rajit who is the biggest fraud in the show.Rajit has
    Verbal diarrhea as he can’t stop talking.Arya,Fukru&Shaji are the real players.Alessandra,Sujo&Raghu should be kicked out.Veena should not have been evicted because she was an honest player.

  10. Amritha and abhirami cant even stand alone and play. They stand together and supported by rajith who is the biggest ego carrier in that house. Why cant other contestants also play together? When tasks are given lots should be drawn to form groups. This avoids groupism and fights.

  11. Amrutha, Abhirami, Sujo and Sandra doesn’t have their own stand as they all playing with the support of Rajith. All these guys are fake.

  12. Amritha and abhirami purathu ninu show kanditt vannu rajith sirnte support kanditt koode nilkan but I’m sure rajith sir avarude eee game strategy manasilkum alasandra is a fake girl sujonte pinnaale pinneyum pinneyum nadakanu shameless girl if she have some shame in her behavior she will never be like this sujoo is fake fake fake muscle ndennu karuthi endhin avam ennu karuthath

  13. I hope rajith sir dont win the show and people who are in group with him should a get eliminated..why people dont see negtives of rajith sir..everyone is here to play.


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