Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Voting 9th Week | Who is most likely to get evicted this week?

Bigg Boss Malayalam did manage to cross the halfway mark in the previous week. Moreover, two distinctive contestants have been evicted from the house the day before. Currently, things seem to be quite heated up in the house. On the other hand, three contestants of the show who were eliminated previously have re-entered the house.

Every Monday in the house of Bigg Boss a nomination task takes place where contestants are bound to nominate two distinctive contestants in the house. Further, the contestants with a higher number of votes will be nominated for eviction. There was a subtle twist that took place in the house of Bigg Boss where both Abirami and Amrutha have reportedly been nominated to get evicted from the house.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Voting 9th Week | Who is most likely to get evicted this week?

Bigg Boss Malayalam List of nominated contestants

  • Pashnam Shaji
  • Veena Nair
  • Alasandra
  • Sujo Mathew
  • Amrutha-Abirami

Voting Procedure in Bigg Boss Malayalam season 2

  • The viewers have to install the official app of Hotstar on their respective iOS or Android smartphones.
  • Then they have to login by using their email and phone number. Also, they have to create an account on the Hotstar platform.
  • Once the account is created the users have to click on the search bar and type Bigg Boss Malayalam 2.
  • Then they have to click on the button, namely vote now to cast vote for their favorite contestant.
  • A single user has around 50 votes which they can cast to their favorite contestants. Also, they can split votes if they want to save other contestants.

It would be interesting to see who is safe this week in Bigg Boss Malayalam.

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    • very bad judgement and nonsense request. who else is there after the 3 go.. althu falthu whom none of us aware youngsters who are on drugs, smoking and do , lie for what ever they want.. kasztam thane your request.

  1. Please eliminate veena ,pashnm shaji please we can’t see this violence all family will watching the show,childrens also imitating this fighting so please eliminate them

  2. Please send the heartless dr. Rajith KUMAR. No respect for women. He is a womanizer. He says he plays fare but he doesn’t. Never accept his mistake and never listens to his mistake. He doesn’t act for his age. Being 58 years old he acts immature. He needs to be thrown out for peace in the house. Next Sujo who also doesn’t give respect to Women calling women with Di… This shows how his nature is

  3. Sujo, sandra,amrutha they all knows what is happening outside, so they are now playing fake.before sujo was always fight with rejith sir now he is so close please stop such a fake game and play like what you are. Sandra and sujo shame on you both such a third rate acting scene. This is realty show so be genuine and play well.


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