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Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Vote Results: Rajith Kumar is dominating the reality show

The hit Malayalam reality show, Bigg Boss 7 has reportedly entered the seventh week. By the looks of it, the even lasting drama in the show doesn’t seem to end this early. In the first week, things seemed quite peaceful among the contestants; however, things started to turn sour as the days and weeks began to pass.

The contestants are well aware of all the rules and regulations of Bigg Boss as of now. In addition to this, there have been several eliminations in the show since the first week. The last contestant to be eliminated from the show was Pradeep Chandran.

In the fifth as well as the sixth week there have been no nominations in Bigg Boss. Reshma has got a break from being nominated because of her eye infection. In the meantime, Dr. Rajithkumar has become the fan-favorite contestant and he seems to get nominated all most every week. In the current week, the doctor has been nominated as well.

In the seventh week, most of the contestants of the Malayalam Bigg Boss have been nominated. According to the recent figures, around six contestants have been nominated this week:

  • Arya
  • Fukru
  • Manju Sunichan
  • Jazla
  • Veena Nair
  • Dr Rajithkumar

Dr Rajithkumar is leading the polls since the first day. Additionally, the most surprising stuff that happened this week was that both Arya and Fukru have been nominated for elimination. The contestants of the show are going to have to survive the elimination this week and for this, they are fighting hard with each other. Furthermore, tasks in the show are going to get extremely tough and sometimes, they will be insane.

In terms of the voting polls, Fukru and Rajith Kumar have emerged as the top two contestants. It is important to know that the trends are too early and it might change over time.

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  1. Let us all people vote for Dr. Reith Kumar who is really talented player standing alone individually and playing using his upper most skills in this game. While others they are all standing together discussing and trying to kick out Dr. Reith Kumar. Others are all fake players. Mohan Lal said that this Big Boss Season 2 Malayalam is a individual game to show your talent. There is no need to show off or cry or be sentimental in this game to get attention of millions of people who watch this show. Arya, Veena, Manju, Fukru and Jessla are not that good players in this show. There were talented people who already been eliminated from this show which was totally wrong. Audience who watching this show should be the one to eliminate the people who are in this show not the contestants because there is partiality. Till now the best player on top is Dr. Reith Kumar. Let’s make Dr. Reith Kumar win this show.

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