Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Vote Online: Rajithkumar, Veena Nair, Fukru, Jazla, Arya, & RJ Sooraj Nominated

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2 is on its 8th week and the 51st episode was aired on 24th February. Now there are many heating issues running on in the reality show. There have been 2 wild card entries also to the show. With the problems happened for the last few weeks, regarding the love affair between Sujo and Sandra.

It is a serious relationship for Sandra while Sujo admitted he was just playing along as part of the game. Even when his part-relative Pavan entered Bigg Boss, he had revealed about Sujo’s serious relationship outside the house.  This is a heated issue now in the Bigg Boss House.



Bigg Boss Season 2 Malayalam Episode 51 Updates

On February 24, the 51st episode with the 50th day of Bigg Boss house has been aired. The wild card entrants who were Siblings Amritha and Abhirami Suresh, were already famous with their performance in Star Singer aired by Asianet itself. Both of them are sweet singers and this episode was full of songs and dances with their presence.

The first tasks were hosted by them and it was named first Impression award. In it, Dr. Rajith got an award for Headstrong person and shared one with Pashanam Shaji too. Sujo received an award for a quick-angry person.

The episode was aired from 11.30 P. M. till 1.00 A. M. The fight between Dr. Rajith and Jasla is getting complicated and her repeated use of the word ‘pseudo-science’ is criticized by him. It is very clear how unattentive she is.

Bigg Boss Week 8 Nominations

  • Rajith: Fukru, Jezla
  • Sooraj: Veena, Rajith
  • Arya: Rejith, Jezla
  • Veena: Rejith, Fukru
  • Fukru: Veena, Rajith
  • Shaji: Fukru, Jezla
  • Jezla: Veena, Arya

As Sujo, Sandra and Raghu had to leave the house for some days and Pashanam Shaji is the captain they have been exempted from the nominations. Rajith, Arya, Veena, Fukru, Jezla, and Sooraj are the nominations. You can cast votes to your favorite contestant using the Hotstar app.

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