Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Vote: Did Dr. Rajith Deserve Jail Time? What Do You Think?

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2 is the most trending thing more than ever all over Kerala and even in some other Indian States. There is literally a cult following Dr. Rajith Kumar. Now, Dr. Rajith on the latest episode is seen complaining about the injustice done by the fellow contestants against him.


He is seen saying that the last task was played very unfairly and with a lot of cheating among the contestants and he was sent to jail for underperformance. On the 47th day of Bigg Boss Mala, Dr. Rajith Kumar is seen arguing with Sooraj as he got nominated to jail even as a part of the winning team. Sooraj, meanwhile argues that Dr. Rajit was not with his own team while the game was going on.

Arya brought the talk between them into everyone’s attention. She complained for Rajith labeling his imprisonment as a “tribute” for Arya and now imposing the blame over all of the contestants for nominating him for this.

The premise of these problems started with a luxury budget task, named ‘Super Heroes v/s Super Villians’ in which Rajith chose to slip away, while his teammates were in dire need of him. Later, all of them decided to give imprisonment as a punishment for this act.

At first, Rajith did accept the punishment with both hands. Yet, the feeling of his own teammates standing against hurt him of which he talked to Fukru, another contestant. In another task, Pashanam Shaji had won and now he is the captain of the house.

Did Dr. Rajith Deserve Jail Time? What Do You Think? Do let us know your opinion in the comments section below?

3 thoughts on “Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Vote: Did Dr. Rajith Deserve Jail Time? What Do You Think?”

  1. All the team members, whether his team or the rival team, are afraid of dr Reji . They are humiliating him, trying to torture him mentally, and even physically, without even any consideration for his age. And, he is not retaliating, consciously or purposely, and playing a fare game. Ji

  2. dr rajith kumar is deviated type personality looking to do different and to take mileage on that basis. He is a wise crooked player in bigboss. he want to show that he is geniune but his fraudness comesout occasionaly. he forms groups and instigate infight in bigbosd

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