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Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Vote : 30th January voting results: Rajith Kumar is leading with 60% of voting share

The second season of Bigg Boss Malayalam has reportedly entered the fourth week. By the looks of it, the chaos, drama, fights, nagging and fun are continuing to a wider extent in the house of Bigg Boss Malayalam. It seems the most peaceful week in the entire season was the first week as the contestants were sharing the personal stories.

During the first week, Mohanlal has already warned them about the consequence if the contestants choose to violet the rules surrounding Bigg Boss. Rajini Chandy was the first contestant to get eliminated whereas the elimination of Reshma Rajan and Somadas followed next.

It looks like the second season of Malayalam Bigg Boss has entered the most decisive phase in the third week of elimination. The fourth week of elimination in Malayalam 2 Bigg Boss is going to be extremely interesting. Moreover, the weekend episodes promise to be action-packed and the audience would see the suspense as Mohanlal will inflict it in the weekend episodes. Given that nominations for evictions are already announced, it is still not clear as to who will be eliminated this week.

Also, the wildcard entries such as Jazla Madassari and Daya Ashwathy are on the verge of spicing things in the house of Malayalam Bigg Boss. This week, following contestants, have been nominated:

  • RJ Raghu
  • Veena Nair
  • Pradeep Chandram
  • Dr. Rajithkumar
  • Thesni Khan
  • Arya

As far the popularity is concerned, Dr. Rajithkumar is leading in terms of audience polls. Rajithkumar is leading in the polls with 60% votes than any other contestant. Other than Rajithkumar, Arya is the second highest-rated contestant this week in Bigg Boss Malayalam.

It would be interesting to see to stays and who goes home in the second season of Malayalam Bigg Boss.

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  1. If all the unofficial sites are not rating Arya as the second highest, how is she in that position only in the official page? It’s ridiculous

  2. From what source you got the information that Reshma Rajan is eleminated. She is still in Big Boss. Also check the spelling of violate

  3. I think arya is the person should get eliminate this week…veena nair should be given chance without arya….then you can feel the essence of this show…right now arya is ruling this show…

  4. Nala arya koodi out aayal nallathayirunnu.
    Pinna puthiya puthiya aalkkare kond varunnath bore paripadi aayipoyi, puthiya aalkkare kond varan aanel avde ullavare nthina out akkunne nala sunday adutha aal varan pokunnu.

  5. I feel Arya and Veena are totally fake and very much manipulative…..and Big Boss actually ignored that Veena had stolen the tip money…
    stealing is a big NO NO….it’s high time both Arya and Veena are eliminated. They don’t play fair game and not fit to be in the big boss house.


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